Who Is This? 1995 Telethon

    Back in 1995, a group from Chicago ACS helped raise funds in a telethon. This looks like it was fun, but the pile of photos in the archives contains little information. If you know anything about this outing, please write to

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    Who Is This? Holiday Party, Unknown Date

    Santa came to visit at least one Chicago ACS holiday party years ago, and he even gave presents to chemists’ kids. But when? And who else was there? We have a bunch of photos from the event, but we don’t know who the subjects are.

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    Who Is This? – Gibbs Award Ceremony 1987

    The Chicago Section has a moderate-sized set of photographs from a Willard Gibbs Award ceremony (possibly 1997's event for Allen Bard) and we need your help to identify people in them.

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    Who Is This? Chemistry Day 1991

    This month, we cover a set of photos taken on Saturday, November 9, 1991. According to the October 1991 Chemical Bulletin, this was the final day of National Chemistry Week, which was celebrated with three days of activities. Day 1 (Nov. 2) included ...

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    HELP! FUN! The Chicago Section has extensive photo archives, but not all of our items are documented well. Many of our photos depict individuals who are unknown to our current Section Historian. We seek your help identifying people in our photos...

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