Who is This? Early ‘90’s Trade Shows

    by Josh Kurutz, Section Historian
    (for March 2019 Chemical Bulletin)

    Did you ever work as an exhibitor at an exposition? With so many trade shows and conferences coming through our megalopolis, the Chicago Section often hosted booths at them to engage participants, facilitate local networking, and showcase our activities.

    In 1992, we had a booth at the Environmental Technology Expo, as documented by photos recently extracted from our archives. Though at first the group of pictures all seemed to depict the same event, certain details, like the width of the booth and the content of the neighboring booths, indicate the collection covers two similar but distinct events.

    Board member Larry Berman chaired the ad hoc committee in charge of the 1992 ETE expo, according to Bulletin records.[1] From 1991 to 1994, Berman was also chair of a committee called “Hazmat Expo”,[2] suggesting there was a hazardous materials-themed exposition held in Chicago in 1994, and that the photos we have are from the Chicago ACS booth there. We do not know the official title of that event.

    The full set of photos is now available on our website as a gallery:

    HELP: We need help identifying the people labeled as ETE-1, ETE-2, HAZ-1, and HAZ-2. If you have an idea who they are, or if you can share any other details about these events, especially personal anecdotes, please write to [email protected] with your insights. Thanks!

    Also, thanks go to Prof. Ken Poeppelmeier (Northwestern), Dr. Steve Cohen (Elevance), Dr. Margaret Schott (Northwestern & Chicago ACS), and Margy Levenberg (Chicago ACS) for their help identifying subjects in the February Who Is This? Column. Captions have been updated in the photo gallery (, but we still need help with remaining identifications.

    [1] Chemical Bulletin, June 1992, p.8

    [2] ibid, Chemical Bulletin, June 1993, p.7; Chemical Bulletin, June 1994, p.7

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