Project SEED

    Aims of Project SEED

    Project SEED provides high school students from economically disadvantaged circumstances with paid summer chemistry research experiences at local institutions.

    This program is organized by the American Chemical Society at the national level, but the Chicago ACS does the heavy lifting to connect students with research labs and providing their funding.

    For many years, the Chicago ACS has sponsored between two and five high school students as researchers in university laboratories. To participate, please contact Raelynn Miller, Chair of the Chicago ACS' Project SEED committee: [email protected]

    Project SEED Scholarships

    Chicago ACS is now providing TWO scholarships for graduates of the Project SEED program. Given to college-bound high school students who have participated in chemistry research under the Project SEED program, we provide two levels of scholarships:


    See this page for further details:

    Project SEED Committee

    seed - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / This committee is charged with finding interested low-income and/or minority high school junior and senior students that are interested in participating in a paid summer research experience with an interested college or university faculty member.  It is also charged with the financial and logistical concerns for such student/ faculty relationships and also communicating  relevant program to National ACS.  More info.

    Project SEED Committee Chair

    Raelynn Miller
    Project SEED Committee Chair

    Julia Wiester