History of the Chicago Section

    Historical Overview

    The American Chemical Society is the world's larges scientific professional society, and was founded in 1876. It is organized as a federation of local sections and technical divisions, and the Chicago Section was incorporated in 1897. Today, it is one of the largest and most important local sections of the ACS.

    The "Who Is This?" Project

    SEE: https://chicagoacs.org/Whoisthis

    The Chicago Section ACS archives contain hundreds of photos documenting important events, such as Willard Gibbs Medal award ceremonies, Chemistry Day activties, holiday party meetings, etc. But most of these photos are unannotated - there are few written records indicating who the people are in these pictures, when and where tey were taken, at what event they were taken, etc. But many of our members DO know who they are!

    This project aims to crowdsource identification of the people, events, locations, etc. in our archived photos. Each month, we publish a new gallery containing photos from the Chicago ACS archives. We discuss context in a corresponding article in the Chemical Bulletin and cuplicate the discussion as a blog post. Anyone knowing information about the photos should write to historian@chicagoacs.org to share. Contributors get credit in the photo captions!


    Chairs of the Chicago Section ACS

    (Prior to 2003, elected officers served terms from July through June. Starting 2003, their terms coincide with the calendar year.) Term Chair 2018 Fivizzani*, Ken 2018 Toussaint*, Anthony 2017 Kravitz, Fran K. 2016 Boldingh, Mary Jo 2015 Miller, Inessa 2014...

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    Chicago ACS' Historical Milestones

    1887 Chicago Chemical Society founded. 1892 Chicago Chemical Society becomes affiliated with Chicago Academy of Sciences. 1895 Chicago Section of the ACS is chartered on March 15, 1895. Section membership is 34. 1907 At the 37th National Meeting of the Society, Max Henius pr...

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