Outreach and Education Division

    The EDUCATION AND OUTREACH DIVISION supports chemistry education at all levels, including K-12, college, and adult/continuing education. It maintains liaisons to the Chicago Public Schools and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). The Division engages the general public in chemistry-related educational activities, participates in ACS activities at the annual Illinois State Fair, and publicizes all events and news-related content. The division oversees the annual Project SEED program for the Section as well as the Project SEED scholarships. The Division also assists public officials and other community bodies concerning chemistry-related matters. The Education and Outreach Division includes the Education, Outreach, Project SEED, and Public Affairs Committees.

    The EDUCATION COMMITTEE provides chemistry-related educational programs and information to learners of all ages and actively engages with educators at the pre-K-12 and college levels. Subcommittees include:

    • AACT Liaison
    • College Education Subcommittee
    • Continuing Education Subcommittee
    • Chicago School Board Liaison
    • K - 12 Education Subcommittee


    The PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ensures that section members and public officials and bodies are informed of matters where the knowledge and practice of chemistry is of substantial public importance. These matters can include government issues, environmental issues and the social responsibility of chemists. The Public Affairs Committee gives the Public Affairs Award biennially.

    The OUTREACH COMMITTEE engages the general public, educators and children in chemistry-related educational activities and participates in many different types of events around the greater Chicago area.   Subcommittees include:

    • Community Activities Subcommittee
    • Illinois State Fair Subcommittee


    PROJECT SEED COMMITTEE identifies interested low-income and/or minority high school junior and senior students who are interested in participating in a paid summer research experience with  a college or university faculty member.  It supports financial and logistical concerns for the student/ faculty relationships and communicating  relevant program information to the national ACS organization.  The committee is also responsible for distributing Project SEED awards to support the internships. 

    Chairs of the Chicago Section ACS

    (Prior to 2003, elected officers served terms from July through June. Starting 2003, their terms coincide with the calendar year.)

    Term Chair
    2021 Rukes, Sherri
    2020 Brandt, Paul
    2019 Marin, Tim
    2018 Fivizzani*, Ken
    2018 Toussaint*, Anthony
    2017 Kravitz, Fran K.
    2016 Boldingh, Mary Jo
    2015 Miller, Inessa
    2014 Kurutz, Josh W.
    2013 Koehler, Michael G.
    2012 Litin, Avrom
    2011 Kostecka, Keith
    2010 Fivizzani, Ken
    2009 Arzaadon, Amber
    2008 Crumrine, David
    2007 Fivizzani, Ken
    2006 Moriarty, Barbara E.
    2005 Johnson, Russell W.
    2004 Levenberg, Milt
    2003 Shih, Susan
    2002-2003 Shih, Susan
    2001-2002 Golinkin, Herbert S.
    2000-2001 Northrup, Sharon J.
    1999-2000 Buntrock, Robert E.
    1998-1999 Levenberg, Margaret Stowell
    1997-1998 Moriarty, Barbara E.
    1996-1997 Turner, Fred A.
    1995-1996 Bradley, Cherlynavaughn
    1994-1995 Northrup, Sharon J.
    1993-1994 Angelos, Sanford A.
    1992-1993 Kouba, Marilyn J.
    1991-1992 O'Neill, Gayle E.
    1990-1991 Kravtiz, Fran K.
    1989-1990 Nicholls, L. Jewell
    1988-1989 Johnson, Russell W.
    1987-1988 Patinkin, Seymour H.
    1986-1987 Rozek, Adele L.
    1985-1986 Sichak, Stephen
    1984-1985 Golinkin, Herbert S.
    1983-1984 Whaley, Thomas P.
    1982-1983 Cannon, Charles E.
    1981-1982 Curtice, Jay
    1980-1981 Huston, Margaret L.
    1979-1980 Drigot, Stanley W.
    1978-1979 Brubaker, George
    1977-1978 Lucchesi, Claude A.
    1976-1977 Shoffner, James P.
    1975-1976 Sacco, Jr., Louis J.
    1974-1975 Mattoon, Richard
    1973-1974 Rietz, Edward G.
    1972-1973 Guthmann, Walter
    1971-1972 Fields, Ellis K.
    1970-1971 Kucera, Thomas J.
    1969-1970 Donnelly, Thomas H.
    1968-1969 Klepetar, Fred
    1967-1968 Bible, Jr., Roy H.
    1966-1967 Hunt, Charles K.
    1965-1966 Wilkes, J. Fred
    1964-1965 Field, Edmund
    1963-1964 Crosby, Gifford W.
    1962-1963 Kauffman, F. Leo
    1961-1962 Cole, Wayne
    1960-1961 Mariella, Raymond P.
    1959-1960 Friedman, Bernard S.
    1958-1959 Clemence, LeRoy W.
    1957-1958 Peterson, Gordon T.
    1956-1957 Young, Hoylande D.
    1955-1956 Cooke, Lloyd M.
    1954-1955 Bloch, Herman S.
    1953-1954 Rogers, Marrin C.
    1952-1953 Porsche, Jules D.
    1951-1952 Marchner, R. F.
    1950-1951 Riegal, Byron
    1949-1950 Vrbain, Walter M.
    1948-1949 Thomas, C. L.
    1947-1948 Robinson, H. C.
    1946-1947 Summerbell, R. K.
    1945-1946 Arveson, M. H.
    1944-1945 Zinn, Robert E.
    1943-1944 Henderson, L. M.
    1942-1943 Newton, Roy C.
    1941-1942 Parkhurst**, George L.
    1941-1942 Johnson**, Warren G.
    1940-1941 Henderson, W. F.
    1939-1940 Wagner, Cary R.
    1938-1939 Hurd, Charles D.
    1937-1938 Morrell, Jaques C.
    1936-1937 Van Cleef, Paul
    1935-1936 Guilladeu, Arthur
    1934-1935 Hinman, Walker M.
    1933-1934 Supple , Lee F.
    1932-1933 Klein, David
    1931-1932 Schaar, Bernard E.
    1930-1931 Schlesinger, H. I.
    1929-1930 Evans, Ward V.
    1928-1929 Freud, B. B.
    1927-1928 Redman, S. L.
    1926-1927 Leech, Paul N.
    1925-1926 French, D. K.
    1924-1925 Wendt***, G. L.
    1924-1925 Volwiler***, E. H.
    1923-1924 Menge, G. A.
    1922-1923 Miner, Carl S.
    1921-1922 Lewis, W. Lee
    1920-1921 Willard ^, F. W.
    1920-1921 Lewis^, W. Lee
    1919-1920 Redman, L. V.
    1918-1919 Redman, L. V.
    1917-1918 Tolman, L. M.
    1916-1917 Mory, A. V. H.
    1915-1916 Harkins, W. D.
    1914-1915 Claenschimi, Otto
    1913-1914 McCormick, Harry
    1912-1913 Lowenstein^^, A.
    1912-1913 Stieglitz^^, Julius
    1911-1912 Mather, S. T.
    1910-1911 Bryan, T. J.
    1909-1910 Converse, W. A.
    1908-1909 Richardson, W. D.
    1907-1908 Smith, Warren R.
    1906-1907 McCoy, Herbert N.
    1905-1906 Brady, William
    1904-1905 Stieglitz, Julius
    1903-1904 Puckner, W. A.
    1902-1903 Gudeman, Edward
    1901-1902 Longfeld, Felix
    1900-1901 Smith, Warren R.
    1899-1900 Linebarger, C. E.
    1898-1899 Grabfield, J. P.
    1897-1898 Hoskins, William
    1896-1897 Julian, Frank
    1895-1896 Julian, Frank

    * Anthony Toussaint died in office, June 2018, and Vice Chair Ken Fivizzani succeeded him.

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