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    2014-12 Holiday Party & Perry Romanowski
    12/05/2014: Holiday Party & Perry Romanowski: "Life Outside the Lab - Communicating Chemistry to the Public"
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    2014-01 Mtng: Diverse Sourcing: The Key to Commercializing Greener Fuels - Jennifer Holmgren, Lanza Tech
    01/16/2014: "Diverse Sourcing: The Key to Commercializing Greener Fuels" - Jennifer Holmgren, Lanza Tech
    2 photos
    2015-01 Jan Omar Farha
    01/23/2015: "Bioinspired Sponges: Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)" with Dr. Omar Farha (Northwestern U. and NuMat Tech.) - Jan 23
    8 photos
    2014-12 Science Works
    10 photos
    2015-02 Feb Stieglitz Kiessling
    02/12/2015: Stieglitz Lecture with University of Chicago: Prof. Laura Kiessling (UW-Madison) "Us Versus Them: Distinguishing Host and Microbial Cells with Glycans"
    14 photos
    Beers with Peers II
    04/10/2015: Beers with Peers II
    8 photos
    Chemistry on the silver screen
    02/24/2015: Chemistry on The Silver Screen
    3 photos
    Chicago YCC at the 2015JGLCRM
    10 photos
    2015-12 Lee Marek and Holiday Party
    12/04/2015: Holiday Party with Lee Marek, "Chemistry on the Late Show With David Letterman"
    12 photos
    2015 State Fair
    19 photos
    2015-09 September Tom Higgins & WCC
    09/18/2015: Education Night: Prof. Tom Higgins ("How undergraduate research can change students’ lives") + Scholarship presentations and Women Chemists’ Non-Traditional Career Event
    22 photos
    2015-06 Zafra Lerman
    06/18/2015: Zafra Lerman: "Science Diplomacy in the Middle East: the Malta Conferences and their Lasting Impact", plus Distinguished Service Award, 50-,60-year awards, WCC Mix-and-Mingle with Iota Sigma Pi
    1 photo
    2016 Curie Girl Scouts NorthCentralCollege
    11 photos
    2016-04 April Meeting Bill Carroll
    04/15/2016: Dr. Bill Carroll: "Statistics and the Shirelles: How Physical Sciences Thinking Informs Popular Music Analytics.”
    9 photos
    2016 Curie Girl Scouts Lake County
    8 photos
    2016-11 Nov Stieglitz Meade
    11/17/2016: Stieglitz Lecture: NU Prof. Tom Meade, "Advances in Bioactivated and Targeted MR Imaging Probes: Are We There Yet?"
    10 photos
    2016-09 Sep Glymph-Martin
    09/23/2016: Education Night: "Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Microorganisms in Wastewater Treatment Systems" by Toni Glymph-Martin, PLUS Student Posters, WCC Non-traditional Career Event, and Scholarship Presentations
    14 photos
    2016 Chemistry Day
    13 photos
    2016-09 WCC Nontraditional Careers event
    4 photos
    2016 Boy Scout Merit Badge
    6 photos
    2017-01 Jan AIChE Rogers
    01/20/2017: Prof. John Rogers, "Materials for Biodegradable Electronics"; Joint with AIChE
    8 photos
    2016-05 May Gibbs Kiessling
    05/20/2016: Gibbs Award Ceremony: Prof. Laura Kiessling (UW-Madison)
    12 photos
    2017-02 Rick Silverman - Drug Discovery
    02/17/2017: Prof. Richard B. Silverman (Northwestern U.): "Drug Discovery: Ingenuity or Serendipity?"
    18 photos
    2017-03 Mar Walling Enviro
    03/17/2017: Jennifer Walling, “Environmental Policy and Advocacy”
    9 photos
    2017-03 YCC After-Party
    1 photo
    2014-10 Community Activity: Chemistry Day
    23 photos
    2014-10 Mtng: Basolo
    10/10/2014: Basolo Award: Prof. Makoto Fujita (U. Tokyo), "Metal-directed Self-assembly for Constructing Nanoscale Discrete Structures and Developing Functions in their Cavities"
    15 photos
    2014-09 Mtng: Education Night with Don Wink
    09/19/2014: Education Night with Don Wink: "Knowing How Students Learn in Chemical Education" & AACT Kickoff
    15 photos
    YCC Careers in Chemistry June 28th, 2014
    06/28/2014: YCC: "Careers in Chemistry"
    22 photos
    2014-06 Mtng: DSA & Argonne Batteries
    06/19/2014: "Energy Storage in Chicagoland: JCESR's New Paradigm for Battery R&D...and More!" - Dr. George Crabtree + 3 Other Panelists; Poster Session; Argonne Tour; Awards Meeting
    36 photos
    2014-05 Mtng: Gibbs - Bercaw
    05/16/2014: Gibbs Award Ceremony: John E. Bercaw, "Hydrocarbon Upgrading to Fuels and Chemicals: Progress towards Homogeneous Catalysts"
    16 photos
    2014-04-04 YCC Beers With Peers
    04/04/2014: Beer with Peers
    6 photos
    2014-04 Mtng: The Changing Chemistry Workplace
    04/24/2014: The Changing Chemistry Workplace: Industry Trends & Effects on Employment (Panel Discussion)
    8 photos
    2013-12Dec Holiday Party and Alan Lapointe
    12/13/2013: “A Chemist's Adventures Working on Water Quality in Guyana” - Alan LaPointe
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