Chicago ACS Scholarships: Three Types

    Chicago ACS High School Scholarships

    The Chicago Section offers several scholarships to high school students in support of their college education. Every year in May, the High School Education Committee administers an exam to students nominated by their teachers, and scholarships are awarded based on their ranking in the results:

    $5000 for First place
    $3000 for Second place
    $2500 for Third place
    $1500 for Fourth place
    $1250 for Fifth place

    In addition, we give scholarships for special purposes:

    The Marie Ann Lishka Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the female student who scores the highest: $2000

    The Marshall S. Smoler Award is given to the top-scoring student from Chicago Public Schools: $200

    The Bernard E. Schaar Award, from the Chicago Chemists' Club, is given to the highest-scoring student from the City of Chicago: $500


    We are asking teachers to register current students to take the exam as usual.  However, due to covid-19, the date of the exam will not be this spring.  Pending the end of sheltering restrictions and availability of facilities, we hope to hold the exam this year, perhaps in September.  Emails will be sent to registered students with information as it becomes available.  If we are unable to give the exam this fall, we will give an exam as we typically do in the spring of 2021, but we must follow our guidelines that restricts students taking the exam to those who have not had, or are not in, AP Chemistry.


    Chicago Section, American Chemical Society: High School Education Committee

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    • Funds are contributed by the chemical industry and by individuals.

    • Teachers of a prize-winning student(s) will receive a one-year membership in the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). 

    • For further details, see the nomination document below.


    Nominations are now open through June 1, 2020.  2020 nominations

    High School Scholarship Materials

    H.S. Scholarship Practice Exam 2008 - Multiple Choice

    This is the multiple choice exam used on May 24, 2008, in the Chicago area high school chemistry scholarship competition.

    H.S. Scholarship Practice Exam 2008 - Problem Solving

    This is the extended-response problem solving part of the May 24, 2008, Chicagoland high school chemistry scholarship exam.

    2020 scholarship exam information

    description of the Chicago section scholarship exam and rules, and invitation for nominations