The Chicago Section of the ACS recognizes the importance of rewarding contributions to the chemical enterprise, and joyously celebrates our members who have received honors from ACS. Here you find some of the awards the Chicago Section has received, awards our members have received, and award opportunities we can help bring our members.

    Our ChemLuminary Awards

    Every year the American Chemical Society gives ChemLuminary Awards to local sections and national divisions to recognize excellent contributions to the chemical enterprise. The Chicago Section is proud to have been recognized many times for our work. 

    Our ACS Fellows

    ACS awards the title "ACS Fellow" to members who are not only excellent professional chemists, but have contributed significantly to the American Chemical Society. We are proud to say the Chicago Section is home to 39 Fellows, including a Nobel laureate, at least one Priestly Medalist, and many others. 

    Chicago Distinguished Service Award

    In 1974, the Chicago Section began giving the Distinguished Service Award to members who had contributed extraordinary amounts to the Section's success. Recipients have included William A. Converse, who founded the Willard Gibbs Medal; Julius Stieglitz, who served as Section Chair in 1904 and helped shape our organization; and Ellis K. Fields, who chaired National ACS as well as the Chicago Section. Initially given to up to five recipients per year, some of whom were awarded postumously, since the mid-1980's the DSA has mostly been given to just one member each year. 

    Emerging Star Award

    A new award for the Chicago Section, Emerging Star recognizes members who have made an extraordinary impact on the Section shortly after becoming involved with us. Our aim is to encourage rising members to continue their efforts, perhaps eventually becoming Section Chair and earning the Distinguished Service Award.  

    ACS Scholars Program

    The program awards renewable scholarships of up to $5,000 per academic year to underrepresented minority students majoring in undergraduate chemistry-related disciplines, and are also intending to pursue careers in chemistry-related fields.  Know a deserving scholar?  Share the link with them!

    Excellence in High School Teaching of Chemistry Award

    The Award is intended to recognize and encourage outstanding teachers of high school chemistry or a chemical science within the Chicago Section, and to stimulate innovative and creative efforts to instill enthusiasm for chemistry among high school students. 

    ACS Opportunities

    The American Chemical Society offers a variety of scholarship and award opportunities to its members, including opportunities specifically for students & younger chemists, educators, and researchers & professionals. Through these opportunities, the ACS is able to recognize some of the exceptional individuals within the chemical profession who are making a difference.

    In addition, the ACS periodically offers special programs or provides funding for outside programs that support the mission of the ACS. See the links below for more information.

    If you need any help with applying for an award, please contact [email protected]. We can provide you with letterhead templates and suggestions. For branding guidelines click here.

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