Chicago ACS Fellows

    The Chicago Section has been home to 39 ACS Fellows so far:

    Name Year Affiliation
    Bradley*, Cherlynlavaughn 2012 Amoco–BP
    Brazdil, James 2014 INEOS Technologies
    Brazdil, Linda 2015 Loyola University Chicago
    Cannon*, Charles 2013 Columbia College Chicago
    Cesa, Mark 2012 INEOS Technologies / Innovene USA
    Crumrine, David 2012 Loyola University Chicago
    Fivizzani, Kenneth 2011 Nalco Company (Retired)
    Gregar, Kathleen 2012 Argonne National Laboratory
    Higgins, Thomas 2016 Harold Washington College
    Hupp, Joseph 2015 Northwestern University / Argonne National Laboratory
    Ibers, James 2011 Northwestern University
    Jackson, Lauren 2016 U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    Johnson, Russell 2010 Honeywell International
    Koehler, Michael 2019 Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc.
    Leland, Jane 2014 Kraft Foods Group
    Lerman, Zafra 2010 Malta Conferences Foundation
    Levy, Donald 2009 University of Chicago
    Lewis, Frederick 2011 Northwestern University
    Marks, Tobin 2013 Northwestern University
    Meade, Thomas 2011 Northwestern University
    Mirkin, Chad 2017 Northwestern University
    Morello, Michael 2013 PepsiCo Global Beverages R&D
    Moriarty, Barbara 2011 Nalco Company
    Odom, Teri 2016 Northwestern University
    Ratner, Mark 2010 Northwestern University
    Rowan, Stuart 2018 University of Chicago
    Rukes, Sherri Conn 2020 Libertyville High School
    Schatz, George 2009 Northwestern University
    Schriesheim, Alan 2014 Chicago Council on Science and Technology
    Shoffner, James 2009 Columbia College Chicago (Retired)
    Sibener, Steven 2016 University of Chicago
    Silverman, Richard 2011 Northwestern University
    Skinner, James 2012 University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Stoddart, James 2019 Northwestern University
    Trenary, Michael 2011 University of Illinois at Chicago
    Voth, Gregory 2009 University of Chicago
    Walsh, Edward 2014 AstraZeneca (Retired)
    Wasan, Darsh 2012 Illinois Institute of Technology
    Winans, Randall 2009 Argonne National Laboratory
    Wink, Donald 2014 University of Illinois at Chicago