Volunteer Opportunities

    The Chicago ACS is always looking for volunteers!

    Want to help with community outreach at a library, museum, school, or other setting? Contact the Community Activities Committee: [email protected]

    Like hosting parties? You'd enjoy setting up the meeting arrangements and menus for our monthly meetings. Contact our House Committee: [email protected]

    Have a drive to help particular kinds of chemists or strengthen your bonds with them? Help out with:

    Looking for ideas? Explore our web page! Most pages are associated with committees that would appreciate more volunteers. Contact information of the committee chairs is at the bottom of every one of those pages. Go ahead and shoot them an email!

    Don't know what to do, but want to help? Contact our Section Chair at [email protected]

    ... or fill out our form here: https://chicagoacs.org/form.php?form_id=11