Who Is This?

    The Who Is This? Project

    This Chicago Section ACS archive is replete with photos from all periods of our organization's history, particularly from the 1960's onward. Unfortunately, most of those photos are unannotated, rendering them nearly useless to anyone who does not have personal knowledge of their subjects. This must be fixed!

    The "Who Is This?" project aims to identify people, places, events, and dates associated with these photos. Many of you ACS members and collegues know who they are, and are thus in a position to help. This project simply aims to connect your special knowledge with our archive via our Historian, thus crowdsourcing the solution to the identificaiton problem. Anyone with any needed knowledge about the photos shown in these galleries is invited to help by either:

    • Adding a comment on one of the blog posts (see below). This requires to you log in with your member information here first: https://chicagoacs.starchapter.com/members.php

    • Sending a note to the Historian at [email protected].

    Photo Gallery

    National Chemistry Expo 1970 - Organizing Committee (1969)

    Early '90's Trade Shows

    1994 Gibbs Award Ceremony (for M. F. Hawthorne)

    1995 Telethon

    Holiday Party, unknown year

    1987 Gibbs Medal Ceremony (Awardee Allen Bard)

    Chemistry Day, November 9, 1991

    Historian Committee

    The Historian Committee shall maintain the historical records of the Chicago Section including reports, photos, and documentation from other committees and subcommittees, serve as a historical consultant for the Section, and work to provide historically-pertinent content for the Chemical Bulletin, web site, news media, and social media.


    Josh W Kurutz