Who Is This? 1995 Telethon

    by Josh Kurutz, Section Historian
    (for January 2019 Chemical Bulletin)

    Back in 1995, a group from Chicago ACS helped raise funds in a telethon. This looks like it was fun, but the pile of photos in the archives contains little information. If you know anything about this outing, please write to [email protected]. OR post a public comment here by logging in (see and typing text in the comment box that appears.


    • The phone number and setting suggest this was a WTTW fundraiser. A Google search of the number shows it now applies to a specific Subway restaurant, so please don’t call them. Also, please don’t call the 773 version - it appears to belong to an individual who is probably tired of odd calls for a telethon. However, it does look like the 773 number was used by WTTW.
    • tel-B is Charles Cannon.
    • tel-F looks like Larry Berman.
    • tel-J may be Ellis Fields.

    We’d like to hear from anyone who participated in this event. What was it like? Was it for WTTW or a different organization? Who organized it? Where was it? Any idea what month/day? Please send any information to [email protected]. You can review larger photos online in the gallery: .


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