by Josh Kurutz, Section Historian

    HELP! FUN! The Chicago Section has extensive photo archives, but not all of our items are documented well. Many of our photos depict individuals who are unknown to our current Section Historian. We seek your help identifying people in our photos, especially if you have been a member for several decades.

    At our June meeting, at which we recognize our 50- and 60-year ACS members, we will provide photo albums containing pictures from Chicago Section events from the 1950’s onward. Each photo will have an associated piece of paper, and if you know any unidentified person in the photo, we encourage you to write down who that is. You should feel free to identify yourself so we may give you credit for making the identifications. We cherish the opportunity to honor those who are able to straighten out these aspects of chemical history.

    If this activity results in enough identifications, we’ll make it a regular feature of our meetings. We have a LOT of images to review and annotate.

    We look forward to your help at the June meeting!

                Thanks. – Josh Kurutz, Section Historian.

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