Who Is This? Holiday Party, Unknown Date

    by Josh Kurutz, Section Historian

    Santa came to visit at least one Chicago ACS holiday party years ago, and he even gave presents to chemists’ kids. But when? And who else was there? We have a bunch of photos from the event, but we don’t know who the subjects are. If you know anything about these people, when this event might be, or where it might be, please drop a note to [email protected].

    Here is the gallery in question:

    Clues and Comments:

    • This event appears to have included at least one kids’ table. The December meeting subject is always a bit lighter than other months’, and our 2018 party was originally scheduled to be "Chemistry is for the Birds". However, our speaker had to cancel, and so we are excited to have Dr. Dick Co from Northwestern speaking on the engaging topic of "Solar Fuels: Turning Thin Air into Gasoline" that is sure to entertain old and young alike.

    • All these photos were taken in black-and-white (B/W). Most prints were overexposed, so some effort was made to adjust them after scanning.

    • No dates are recorded on either the front or back of any photos in this set, but judging by the use of B/W and apparent fashions, the event may have been held in the 1980’s, perhaps the 1990’s.

    • The location is not recorded, but certain features of the background in the photos of the chemistry demonstration resemble those of Flanner Hall at Loyola University. Do you agree?

    • It is not entirely certain that the pictured dinner and chemistry demonstrations were parts of the same event. But preponderance of evidence suggests they were connected. The B/W photos of each were the same size simply grouped next to one another in the Section’s box of photos. Further, one person (“S.R.?”) appears in same clothing at both the dinner and the demo audience.

    • One photo (not shown) indicated there was a main speaker for the event, and he is identified as “Speaker” in the audience photo. If anyone recognizes him, please speak up! If we know the speaker, we can probably identify the event and date.

    • We have guesses for two subjects: “Z.L.?” may be Zafra Lerman, and “R.S.?” may be Rajashree Sen. Do you think these are correct or incorrect?

    • “Robert @Kraft” could be partially identified by his name tag, but his last name is obscured. We’d like to know his last name.

    FOLLOWUP FROM NOVEMBER: Thank you to Margaret Schott (Northwestern U.), Steve Cohen (Elevance), Doug Meier (McCrone Laboratories), Herb Golinkin (ITW, retired), and Dolores Kenney (Olson & Cepuritis Ltd.) for identifying several people in November’s Who is This? column. The photo gallery has been posted as , and captions have been updated. The ID’s are almost complete, we’d be grateful to anyone who could help finish up identifying the last few people (B, D, E, J, K, T, V); please write [email protected] with information. Thank you for your help!

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