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    Next Meeting

    Dr. Seth Darling

    - Argonne National Laboratory -
    Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering

    The End of Water As We Know It

    Student Research Poster Session
    Distinguished Service Award for Amber Arzadon
    50-,60-,70-year Member Recognition

    JUNE 22, 5:30-9:00 PM


    We are witnessing the end of the golden age of water. Freshwater was once abundant, cheap, and safe for humans, but that is changing rapidly. Couple that with the fact that over the next 35 years, the world’s demand for water will rise by 55 percent, and it’s no wonder that water technology and management figure to shape the 21st century much like oil conflicts influenced the 20th century. So how can we reshape a better future for water? In his talk, Dr. Seth Darling will discuss how we got to this point, what lies ahead, and what can be done now to respond and adapt.

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    • 5:30 - 6:30  Registration, Poster Session, and Social Hour
    • 6:30 - 7:30  Dinner
    • 7:30 - 7:35  Introductory remarks
    • 7:35 - 7:40  Presentation of Best Poster award
    • 7:40 - 7:45  Presentation of the Distinguished Service Award to Amber Arzadon
    • 7:45 - 7:55  Presentaiton of the 50-, 60-, and 70-Year Member Awards
    • 7:55 - 8:50  Lecture by Dr. Darling


    • MAIN SITE (With live speaker): College of DuPage
    • STREAMING LOCATION #1: Loyola University
    • STREAMING LOCATION #2: Purdue University Northwest


    Undergraduates will present posters describing their research, and the best one will win a $25 Amazon gift card card! Register your poster here:




    DINNER - Depends on location:

    MAIN SITE: College of DuPage

    BUFFET (Catered by Corky's):
    • GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST MEDITERANEAN30 (Grilled Chicken Breast with a Ragout of Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers and Green Olive)
    • CHEESE RAVIOLI IN VODKA SAUCE (Delicious Home Made Cheese Filled Ravioli in a Velvety Tomato Cream Vodka Sauce)
    • TOSSED GARDEN SALAD (Tossed Salad of Crisp Lettuce and Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Peppers with Italian and Ranch Dressing)
    • PARSLIED POTATOES (Potatoes Roasted in a Buttery Parsley Sauce)
    • SOUTHERN GREEN BEANS (Green Beans Slow Cooked with Diced Bacon, Onions, Cider Vinegar and Brown Sugar)

    REMOTE SITE #1:  Loyola University Cafeteria-style at the DeNobili dining facility

    REMOTE SITE #2 Purdue NW None available, but feel free to bring your own


    Dinner Registration Deadline: 12:00 Noon on Monday, June 18
    Lecture-only Registration Deadline: 12:00 noon Thursday, June 21

    QUESTIONS OR NON-WEB RESERVATIONS?  Please contact the Section Office via phone (847-391-9091) or email ([email protected]).


    Seth B. Darling is the Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory, which is a joint institute with the University of Chicago. After receiving his PhD from the University of Chicago in Physical Chemistry, he joined Argonne National Laboratory as the Glenn Seaborg Fellow in the Materials Science Division. Following his postdoc, Darling became a staff scientist in the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne. His group’s research centers around molecular engineering with a particular emphasis on advanced materials for water treatment and renewable energy. He has published over 100 scientific articles, holds several patents, is a co-author of popular books on water and on debunking climate skeptic myths, and lectures widely on topics related to energy, water, and climate.



    College of DuPage, Health and Sciences Center Building
    Reg. & Dinner in atrium (HSC 1230); Lecture in Lecture Hall, room HSC 1234
    425 Fawell Blvd
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

    Map & Directions:

    PARKING: Free in adjacent lot



    Loyola University
    Building, room TBD
    1068 W. Sheridan Rd
    Chicago, IL 60607


    PARKING: Enter the campus at the intersection of Kenmore and Sheridan Road and bear to the left. Parking (P1) is available at the parking deck next to Flanner Hall for about $7.00. Enter the garage at the entrance marked “Faculty, Students, Guests, and Visitors.”



    Purdue University Northwest
    Gyte Building, Room 240
    2200 169th St.
    Hammond, IN  46323
    Street address (entrance location)
    Chicago, IL 60607


    PARKING: Free  


    $15.00 MAIN SITE - Member
    $15.00 MAIN SITE - AIChE Member
    $17.00 MAIN SITE - Non-member
    $0.00 MAIN SITE - Lecture only
    $15.00 REMOTE SITE #1 - Member ticket
    $15.00 REMOTE SITE #1 - AIChE Member
    $17.00 REMOTE SITE #1 - Non-member ticket
    $0.00 REMOTE SITE #1 - Lecture-only
    $0.00 REMOTE SITE #2 - Lecture-only
    $0.00 Individual Donation
    $0.00 Company Sponsorship
    $0.00 Donation to Project SEED
    $15.00 T-shirt: CHICAgO Elements
    $10.00 Tote bag: CHICAgO elements - blue

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    Special Recognition

    50-, 60-, and 70-YEAR ACS MEMBERS!

    As part of our June 22 meeting program, we will honor an elite group of our Section members who have been ACS members for 50, 60, or 70 years! A membership card entitling them to free attendance at all ACS meetings is sent to each of them from the ACS National office in grateful appreciation of their many years of service to the Society. At our meeting, each of them will be presented a handsome membership certificate to mark the occasion.

    50 Year Members for 2018

    60 Year Members for 2018

    70 Year Members for 2018

    Thomas Attig

    William Baitinger

    Martin Spalding

    Charles Cannon

    R Berry

    Robert Krueger

    Stephen Carr

    R Bhatt

    Jeanie Mc Coy

    Nancy Chen

    Russell Bonham

    Robert Stevens

    Allan Cohen

    Wallace Brown

    Jack Suriano

    W Coleman

    Howard Goldner


    William Colilla

    Soter Kokalis


    Gary Dyrkacz

    John Krajewski


    John Fitzloff

    Jacob Lehrfeld


    Leslie Fung

    Mike Scaros


    James Keirns

    Lambert Schommer


    Angelo Leo

    Joseph Zawadzki


    Steven March



    Mark Ostler



    Richard Pietz



    Harold Pinnick



    Mark Roller



    Terry Rotsch



    Douglas Shrader



    Richard Silverman



    Andrew Swanson



    Kenneth Visek



    Auste Vygantas



    Richard Wadden



    Nai Wang



    Ronald Wingender



    John Young



    Eugene Zeffren



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    Award Winner


    The Chicago Section American Chemical Society’s Distinguished Service Awards was established in 1974 at the suggestion of Louis L. Lerner, then the Editor of The Chemical Bulletin. This Award recognizes members who provided exceptional service to the Section over, above, and separate from any other achievements of the recipient, either in the profession or for the National ACS. This year the Distinguished Service Award goes to Amber K. Arzadon for her service to the Chicago section.

    Before serving as chair in 2009, Amber served as chair of the Younger Chemists Committee in 2006 and 2007. In 2007 Amber also served as secretary of the section. She has served the section as its treasurer in 2011, 2015 and 2018 (currently). She also serves as chair of the Primary Education Committee and is an alternate councilor for the section.

    Please join the Section in congratulating Amber for her many contributions and excellent service to the Chicago Section!

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    Awards - History


    The Chicago Section American Chemical Society’s Distinguished Service Awards were established in 1974 at the suggestion of Louis L. Lerner, then the Editor of the Chemical Bulletin. These Awards recognize members who provided exceptional service to the Section over, above and separate from any other achievements of the recipient, either in the profession or by the National ACS.


    Victor Conquest


    Roy C. Newton


    Otto Eisenschiml


    Hoylande Young Failey


    Byron Riegel


    Ward Evans


    Carl S. Miner


    David Klein


    E.H. Volwiler


    M.H. Arveson


    P.N. Leech


    William A. Converse


    Benjamin B. Freud


    Robert J. Reinarts


    Helen Selin


    Walter S. Guthmann


    Charles DeWitt Hurd


    Richard Mattoon


    Herbert E. Robinson


    Herman S. Bloch


    Julius D. Stieglitz


    Vivian B. Biske


    Edward G. Rietz


    Bernard S. Friedman


    Paul Van Cleef


    Clifford W. Crosby


    J. Fred Wilkes


    James J. Doheny


    Roy H. Bible


    Carl E. Moore


    Elaine R. Anderson


    Nellie M. Payne


    Louis J. Sacco


    Thomas J. Kucera


    James P. Shoffner


    Margaret Lally Huston


    Herbert S. Golinkin


    Stephen Sichak, Sr.


    Marie Ann Liskha


    Adele Rozek


    Gayle E. O’Neill


    Fran Karen Kravitz


    Marilyn Kouba


    Charles E. Cannon


    Jay S. Curtice


    Ellis K. Fields


    Stanley W. Drigot


    Cherlynlavaughn Bradley


    Lawrence E. Thielen


    Lawrence U. Berman


    Seymour Patinkin


    L. Jewel Nichols


    Barbara Moriarty


    Louis Lerner


    Margaret Stowell Levenberg


    Susan M. Shih


    Russell Johnson


    David Crumrine


    Sanford Angelos


    Milt Levenberg


    Frank Jarzembowski


    Richard Cornell


    Ken Fivizzani


    Avrom Litin


    Amber Arzadon


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    State Fair


    The 2018 Illinois State Fair is just around the corner and WE NEED YOU! Illinois Local Sections of the ACS will have a Chemistry Tent in Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair. This will be our 15th year for this community outreach project. The Illinois State Fair is scheduled from Friday, August 10 through Sunday, August 19th.

    Our tent provides information to the public on chemistry by way of demos, hands-on activities, literature and give-aways. Last year, we had over 7,000 people come through our tent. WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

    We are looking for volunteers to help us at this year’s fair. This is a very rewarding activity and a chance to meet new colleagues from other Sections while reaching out to the public. We need demonstrators, individuals willing to help with hands-on activities and individuals who are a “jack of all trades”. Come for a shift or for the day or participate for several days. Parking and admission to the fair is FREE for volunteers who participate. There are nearby reasonably priced hotels, motels & campgrounds for accommodations during the fair.

    Please contact either Fran Kravitz at [email protected] or Milt Levenberg at [email protected] if you are interested in more information on this fun, rewarding and challenging opportunity. You may also register soon, directly on-line at Registration must happen before Thursday, August 2. Otherwise we have no way of getting a parking pass and admission ticket to you on time.

    Thank you in advance for helping us make this program a continued success!!!

    Fran Kravitz ([email protected])
    Milt Levenberg ([email protected])
    Co-Chairs of the Illinois Sections of the ACS State Fair Project

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    Chemistry Olympiad


    Seventeen students from the Chicago section of the American Chemical Society took part in the National Chemistry Olympiad exam on April 20th. This exam is the second in a series designed to challenge the strongest high school students in chemistry. It also serves to select twenty students to attend a study camp leading to an International Olympiad competition. More information about the camp and international competition can be found at

    We are delighted to announce that Allen Ding of Stevenson High School has earned the privilege of participating in the study camp for 2018. He, his family, and his teacher Kevin Crowe are to be commended. We're awaiting word on whether any other students achieved honors level in the exam.

    Russ Kohnken, Co-chair high school education committee

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    Historical Feature


    HELP! FUN! The Chicago Section has extensive photo archives, but not all of our items are documented well. Many of our photos depict individuals who are unknown to our current Section Historian. We seek your help identifying people in our photos, especially if you have been a member for several decades.

    At our June meeting, at which we recognize our 50- and 60-year ACS members, we will provide photo albums containing pictures from Chicago Section events from the 1950’s onward. Each photo will have an associated piece of paper, and if you know any unidentified person in the photo, we encourage you to write down who that is. You should feel free to identify yourself so we may give you credit for making the identifications. We cherish the opportunity to honor those who are able to straighten out these aspects of chemical history.

    If this activity results in enough identifications, we’ll make it a regular feature of our meetings. We have a LOT of images to review and annotate.

    We look forward to your help at the June meeting!

                Thanks. – Josh Kurutz, Section Historian.

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    ChemShorts for Kids

    Don't Get Wet!


    • Mason Jar with a screw on ring lid
    • Screen
    • Card big enough to cover the opening of the jar
    • Water


    Place the screen so that it covers the opening of the jar entirely and screw the lid on over the top of it. Pour water into the jar until it is filled. Place the card over the opening and tip the jar upside down. Remove the card and notice that the water stays in the jar. Even though it is upside down. If you tilt the jar a little bit, water will pour out of the jar until it is tipped vertically upside down again.

    What’s happening?

    In the March 2017 issue the demonstration showed how the card can hold water in an upside down cup and that was explained using air pressure. In the previous February issue, surface tension was used to explain how the addition of paper clips to a filled cup of water seemed to defy logic.

    This is another application of the same principles. Again, water stays in the jar with the card being held on by the air pressure pushing up on the card and only the mass of the water pushing down on the card. This time when you remove the card, the screen has small enough openings that the surface tension of the water is able to prevent the water from flowing through the screen openings – think of the polar water molecules holding hands and stretching across the distance of one side of the screen to the other.


    To view all past “ChemShorts for Kids”, go to:

    Paul Brandt

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    Sponsors of this issue


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    Recent Meeting


    Our April meeting featured FDA scientist Dr. Lauren Jackson, who spoke on “Ensuring the Safety of the U.S. Food Supply: The Role of Regulatory Scientists in Carrying Out FDA’s Mission”. Dr. Jackson described how she and others at FDA are addressing carcinogenic acrylamide and furan in foods like french fries and toast; contami- nation of food by packaging; monitoring and control of pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria; and detecting gluten. Further, she advocated for membership in ACS’ AGFD (Agriculture and Food) Division, which is free.

    Oakton Community College was our site with the live speaker, where about 40 people attended. Remote sites that enjoyed the presentation and engaged in Q&A via web streaming included Purdue University NW (IN), North Central College, and College of Lake County - Grayslake.

    We experimented with Facebook Live for the first time, and, thanks to Secretary Rebecca Weiner, you can watch the video of our meeting here:

    - Josh Kurutz, Section Historian

    Dr. Jackson’s presentation at Oakton Community College, a few minutes before all had gathered. Please note the front row with experienced board member Milt Levenberg (2004 Chicago Section Chair) managing the camera, microphones, and web stream for our remote sites; and Section Secretary Rebecca Weiner, who set up a Facebook Live stream of the event on her phone.

    Pre-dinner poster session showcasing undergraduate and graduate student research. This poster won the $25 Amazon gift card: “The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide and Saline Solutions on the Transferability of Pseudomanas aeroginosa Biofilm onto Contact Lenses”. L-R: Advisor Joe Rosen, awardee Sudeep Poludasu, Mary Jo Boldingh (Past Chair), and Michael DiPierro

    Dinner before the April meeting. L-R: speaker Dr. Lauren Jackson (FDA), Chicago Section Secretary Rebecca Weiner (FDA), and Dr. Zafra Lerman (famous Chicago Section member, and President of the Malta Conferences Foundation). Behind Zafra, one can see up-and-coming member Haiqi Xu (IIT), and Ken Fivizzani (Chicago Vice Chair and former Chair of ACS’ national Division of Chemical Health and Safety).


    Dr. Lauren Jackson (FDA) enumerates her current research projects for the Chicago Section ACS.

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    Member Survey

    Comprehensive Member Survey 2018-06

    This survey will be sent by email to all Chicago Section members for whom we have valid email addresses. All responses will be anonymous.

    During June 2018, the Chicago Section of the ACS is engaging in a comprehensive survey of our major activities so we may reflect on and strategically improve our operations. As a member whom we serve, we need your anonymous insights so we can base our decisions and future directions on solid evidence. Please help us help you by answering the questions below and discussing your other needs, wants, and suggestions in the open-response section at the end of this survey.

    ACTION PLAN: In July we plan to summarize the responses, and in September the Chicago ACS Board of Directors will begin discussing how to take actions toward improvement, including further development of long-term strategic plans for all of our committees.

    Thank you for your help!

    ** So you know the extent of the survey, here is a preview of all the questions. We sincerely hope you participate! **

    Do you currently live or work in the Chicago Section? (IL counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, and DuPage, plus the IN counties of Lake and Porter)
    Choose one

    Every month we send you our newsletter, the Chemical Bulletin. Do you read it? If so, how thoroughly?
    Select the most appropriate response.

    In which format do you prefer to read the Bulletin?
    Please choose one

    Did you know that ANY member may contribute articles to the Bulletin by contacting the Editor? ([email protected])?

    What content would you like to see more of in the Bulletin?
    Open response

    How appropriate is the level of emails we send you? Every month, we typically send one Chemical Bulletin email, and two to four invitations to our monthly meetings.
    Choose the response that best reflects your opinion.

    Do you follow us on one or more of our social media feeds?
    Check all that apply

    What suggestions do you have for improving the content of our social media feeds?
    Open response - "Well, I've been thinking you should..."

    Have you attended one of our regular/monthly meetings in the last three years?

    Did you know that all of our regular/monthly meetings are open to the public? That you don't have to be an ACS member or Chicago Section member to attend?

    Did you know that all meetings except the Gibbs Award meeting are now available at two to four remote sites via interactive web streaming?

    IF YOU HAVE NOT ATTENDED one of our regular/monthly meetings in the last three years, what would motivate you to attend?
    Check all that apply

    Is your company recruiting? Would you like it to gain visibility in the local chemistry community? Sponsorship of our meetings is a very affordable way to hold pre-lecture recruiting events, lectures, and poster presentations; plus one sponsorship can publicize a company’s support of Chicago ACS on our website and email communications for up to a year! (See ) Further, advertising products, programs, events, and jobs in the Chemical Bulletin and on our website efficiently targets over 3500 local chemists. (Contact [email protected]). What sponsorship opportunities would like to see?
    Open response - What sponsorship opportunities would like to see?

    Which of the following Chicago ACS activities have you participated in, as a volunteer or otherwise, during the last three years?
    Check all that apply

    If you wish to volunteer in one of our activities, is it clear from our website ( who you should contact?

    Do you find our website useful for learning about the Chicago ACS’ activities?
    Please select the most appropriate response.

    Do you find our website,, and social media feeds useful for learning about and connecting with your chemistry colleagues across Chicagoland?
    Please select the most appropriate response

    Do you know someone at your workplace who could post flyers or include brief announcements about meetings, volunteer opportunities, and other activities on our behalf?
    Please provide contact their information here. We'll politely ask them to help.

    Do you have any other comments or suggestions about what the Chicago Section of the ACS should do to better serve your needs? If you would like us to reach out to you, please provide your contact information here.

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    Meeting Survey

    Survey of Chicago ACS Meeting Attendees, 2017-18

    This survey will be sent by email to all attendees of Chicago Section regular/monthly meetings for whom we have valid email addresses. All responses will be anonymous.

    Since January 2017, we've made some changes in how we conduct our meetings. What do you think about them? We're most interested to know how you like the new pricing and meal options, and the effectiveness of our new remote web-streaming meetings. As always, there is an open-response question at the end in which you may discuss any topics you like.

    ACTION PLAN: We plan on summarizing these findings in July, and in September the Chicago ACS Board of Directors will begin discussing how to use these insights to improve future meetings.

    Thank you for your help! We aim to please.

    ** So you know the extent of the survey, here is a preview of all the questions. We sincerely hope all meeting attendees participate! **

    At the time of the meeting, were you an ACS member? Are you a member now?     
    Yes/No/Depends on the date

    Did you attend one or more "remote" meetings, where you saw the presentation via web streaming?

    IF you attended one or more “remote” meetings, how would you rate your experience? Please ONLY answer if you attended one or more "remote" meetings. Please select the most appropriate response.

    IF you attended one or more live meetings since 2017, how was your experience with our interactive web-streaming to remote sites?
    Please ONLY answer if you attended one or more live meetings. Please select the most appropriate response.

    How satisfied were you with the main speaker(s) at your meeting(s)? (If you have specific suggestions regarding speakers/panelists, please ALSO include them in the open-response question at the end.)
    Choose one, but feel free to discuss your response in the open comment question at the end.

    Did you engage in one or more of the undergraduate/graduate pre-lecture poster sessions, as a participant, advisor, or audience member?

    We’ve been experimenting with different, cheaper, dinner options. Which did you request in 2017 and/or 2018?
    Check all that apply

    Which meal option is your favorite?
    Choose ONE FAVORITE, keeping in mind we'll incorporate ALL respondents' opinions in future plans.

    Were you satisfied with your meal options? What can we do better?
    Free response. Please share your ideas.

    At the Social Hour, how desirable is it to have alcoholic beverages available? Keep in mind some academic hosts prohibit it, and others impose certain restrictions that require extra procedures to be followed to ensure legal compliance and appropriate administration.
    Please choose the most appropriate response.

    What kind of meeting site do you prefer for a meeting with a *live* speaker?
    Please choose one favorite.

    Would your employer be interested in hosting a meeting at your site?
    If you think it's a possibility, please provide contact information for you or the person at your employer most appropriate for meeting arrangements. Or contact the chair directly ([email protected]).

    Would your employer help sponsor a meeting or another Chicago ACS activity like Chemistry Day, thus receiving the publicity and benefits that sponsors enjoy? See for details or to pay for sponsorship with a credit card.
    If you think it's a possibility, please provide contact information here.

    Please elaborate on your responses, bring up other comments about the meeting(s) you attended, or provide suggestions for future meetings.
    Open response. Please share your thoughts.

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    Calendar of Events


    June 18-20: 22nd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference “Product Innovation Using Greener Chemistries” hosted by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, in Portland, OR.

    June 18: You Be The Chemist National Challenge

    June 22: Chicago Section Dinner Meeting honoring our 2018 Distinguished Service awardee and our 50-, 60-, and 70-year members. See details in this issue. 

    July 29-August 2: 25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education “Chemical Education is Golden”, South Bend, IN – Hosted by the University of Notre Dame.

    August 9-19: The Illinois State Fair in Springfield. Come volunteer at the ACS booth.

    August 19-23: 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond”, Boston, MA.


    August 19-23: 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond”, Boston, MA.


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