Chicago ACS Annual Report - Admin 2010

    2010 was an outstanding year for the Chicago Section. Among our continuing activities, there were 10 Section Meetings, our 7th year of participation with six other IL Local Sections in having an exhibit tent at the IL State Fair for 11,400 visitors, Chemistry Day with 650 attendees, our HS Scholarship Exam, a Project SEED project that hosted 3 students, 10 issues of our Chemical Bulletin newsletter, the 99th Gibbs Medal Presentation, Earth Day events, DuPage Area Engineers Week, a meeting with a local congressman who is a scientist, and an updated Public Relations Plan. The Section also had several new and exciting activities. Our New Technology Enhancement Committee (NTEC), part of our Public Relations Committee, explored improvements in efficiency and reductions in cost that can be achieved by using technology related to internet and electronic transmissions. NTEC developed two subcommittees for IYC-2011, a web page subcommittee and an outreach subcommittee. An IYC Section website is under construction and should be completed in 1Q2011. NTEC continues to monitor our 2009 transition to electronic distribution of our newsletter; this committee is also exploring procedures for electronic voting and for some electronic meetings. Our website has been totally redesigned to facilitate easier navigation and to accommodate our IYC-2011 website. We had two National Lab Day events; in one event coordinated by our YCC, aquariums were collected from local universities and delivered to a kindergarten class at a magnet academy in Chicago. YCC members gave a short demonstration on how to maintain an aquarium. At the Boston National Meeting, we helped organize a symposium and reception to honor Tom Kucera, a Section member and Councilor, who passed away this year. Tom was nationally known for his work on National Chemistry Week, his service in the Division of Professional Relations, and his active role on the Committee on Chemists with Disabilities. The Demographics Task Force is studying the population distribution of Chicago Section members within our seven counties. This task force will explore ways to improve our communication to all our members and to increase the number of volunteers from the various counties. Our Primary Education Committee has worked on a very exciting project designing a Chemistry Badge for the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. The purpose of this badge will be to give 10 to18-year old girls an opportunity to learn about chemistry and the careers available in various areas of chemistry. Participating scouts will interact with female role models who are chemists. The 1-day program will consist of lecture, lab, and lunch at a local community college. Our section has conducted a similar program leading to the Boy Scout Chemistry Merit Badge for six years. The Girl Scout Chemistry Badge program is ready, a booklet has been designed, and the first offering of this program will be in April 2011. Many of our activities and events are described in the Events, Activities, and Meetings section of this annual report.