The Map of Chemical Industry in Chicagoland

    Where are all the chemical and chemistry-related companies in the greater Chicago area? Where are the potential chemistry employers near your home? The Chicago ACS maintains a Google Map that shows where they're located. Every pin corresponds to site that's known to employ chemists.

    CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FULL_FLEDGED GOOGLE MAP. That will give you the full legend listing all the companies on the map and enable you to click on the pins to find companies' web and physical addresses, including links to their careers pages.


    Blue = Company site with labs
    Light blue = Corporate headquarters/offices
    Magenta = Government or non-profit organization
    Yellow = Professional or trade organization (including the Chicago ACS!)

    If you know of an employer that's not on the list, please contact the section ([email protected]) and the map administrator ([email protected]) to have it added.