Committee Chairs

    Chicago ACS Committees

    Who are the officers?

    Call the Section office at: (847) 391-9091 to volunteer to help on any of these committees!

    Administrative Division

    The Administration Division handles office operations for the section, oversees program arrangement details, performs fundraising, oversees the long range planning for the section, and maintains the bylaws and policy declarations. The Administration Division includes the House, Development, and Long Range Planning Committees.

    Science Division

    The Science Division secures speakers for all program meetings, maintains a liaison for the Great Lakes Regional Meeting, informs the Section and general public on issues of environmental and laboratory safety, makes arrangements for all awards maintained by the Section, and submits nominations for national ACS awards. The Science Division includes the Program, Environmental and Lab Safety, and Awards Committees.

    Communications Division

    The Communication Division works to disseminate appropriate chemistry-related news and information to the greater community within the Section, serves to advertise and announce all events and news-related content through the appropriate channels, and maintains policies for such communications. This includes communication via the Section website, social media, traditional public news media, and the Chemical Bulletin. The Communication Division also handles the logistics of the annual election for the Section in electronic format. Furthermore, the division maintains archives of all materials for the Section. The Communication Division includes the Public Relations, Chemical Bulletin, and Historian Committees.

    Education and Outreach Division

    The Education and Outreach Division supports chemistry education at all levels, including K-12, college, and adult/continuing education. It maintains liaisons to the Chicago Public Schools and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). The Division engages the general public in chemistry-related educational activities, participates in ACS activities at the annual Illinois State Fair, and serves to advertise and announce all events and news-related content through the appropriate channels. The division oversees the annual Project SEED program for the Section as well as the Project SEED scholarships. The Division also assists public officials and other community bodies concerning chemistry-related matters. The Education and Outreach Division includes the Education, Outreach, Project SEED, and Public Affairs Committees.

    Membership Division

    The Membership Division engages in matters of membership affairs for the Section and engages on both the local and national level. It provides nominations and a ballot for the annual Section election. It works to increase the membership of the Section and actively communicates with the Section members in this regard. The division engages targeted key communities in chemistry-related activities, including women chemists, young chemists, senior chemists, and underrepresented minority chemists. It works with the members of the section in matters relating to employment and professional relations. The Membership Division includes the Membership Committee and the Communities Committee.

    Awards Committee

    awards - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Awards Committee shall prepare and submit such nominations as it deems suitable for local and national awards, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws or Policy Declarations. More info.

    Chicago School Board Liaison

    The Chicago School Board Liaison enhances the science interest and training of high school and middle school students by working with the Chicago Board of Education, its officials and teachers, and with other boards of education within the geographical area covered by the Section.  More info.

    College Education Committee

    collegeed - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The College Education Committee works with the ACS Student Chapters in the territory of the section to assist with their growth and professional development. This shall include preparing and hosting activities during National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day.  More info.

    Web Subcommittee

    The Web Subcommittee shall maintain a Section website and email distribution methods for communication with Section members and the public. All content and associated information shall be channeled through the committee chairs.

    Community Activities Subcommittee

    The Community Activities Subcommittee shall organize events for outreach activities such as National Chemistry Week (NCW), Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW), and other outreach activities. It shall help coordinate and publicize these activities in the Chicago Section and work with the National office as part of the overall outreach activities of the Section.

    Continuing Education Subcommittee

    The Continuing Education Committee shall arrange for courses and lectures in chemistry and allied subjects of professional interest to members of the Section.

    Development Committee

    development - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Development Committee devises and executes methods for increasing the endowment of the Section and shall raise funds for activities of the Section as directed by the Board of Directors.

    Employment and Professional Relations Subcommittee

    The Employment and Professional Relations Subcommittee shall assist chemists and chemical engineers in obtaining professional employment through continuing education and career development.

    Environmental and Lab Safety Committee

    safety - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Environmental and Laboratory Safety Committee shall provide information and counseling on chemical safety problems and their solutions.  More info.

    Gibbs Arrangements Subcommittee

    The Gibbs Arrangements Subcommittee shall arrange the details for the annual Gibbs Award ceremony and contract for a meeting date and venue as far in advance as possible.

    K-12 Education Subcommittee

    The K-12 Education Subcommittee shall provide educational programs and information in chemistry and related sciences for children in grades pre-K through 12, affiliated educators working with children, and the general public. It shall administer the Annual Scholarship Examination, sponsored by the Section, as well as the Chemistry Olympiad. The K-12 Education Subcommittee shall encourage and arrange liaison between different public and private local educational systems concerned with the teaching of chemistry and allied subjects.

    Historian Committee

    Historian Committee - mission and vision, plus contact

    Hospitality Subcommittee

    The Hospitality Subcommittee shall promote fellowship among the members and shall greet and welcome new members and visitors at local program meetings.

    House Committee

    eventsupport - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The House Committee is responsible for selecting locations for our monthly/general meetings, making dinner arrangements, securing practical equiment needed for meetings (tables, poster boards, easels, AV equiment), etc. The House Committee is also responsible for taking an annual inventory of Section property.

    Long Range Planing Committee

    The Chair shall annually appoint Division Coordinators, who collectively constitute the Long Range Planning Committee along with the Chair, the Secretary, the Chair-Elect, the Vice Chair, the Immediate Past Chair, and the Treasurer. The committee shall actively develop strategic plans for the future of the Chicago Section aligned with the national ACS vision.

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee shall endeavor to maintain and increase the membership of the Section and shall serve as an instrument through which the Board of Directors may communicate with the members of the Section. The committee works with the members of the section in matters relating to employment and professional relations. The committee also provides nominations and a ballot for the annual Section election. The Membership Committee includes the Nominations, Employment and Professional Relations, and ACS Council Subcommittees.

    Minority Chemists Subcommittee

    The Minority Chemists Subcommittee shall give support and commitment to the development of an action agenda to stimulate and strengthen the participation of underrepresented minorities at all levels in chemistry, science and the SOCIETY. It shall devote special attention to mentoring, encouragement, and the intellectual and professional enhancement of students, teachers and practicing chemists of all ages and levels of interest.

    Program Committee

    program - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Program Committee shall arrange programs and secure speakers for the dinner meetings of the Section. More Info

    Project SEED Committee

    seed - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / This committee is charged with finding interested low-income and/or minority high school junior and senior students that are interested in participating in a paid summer research experience with an interested college or university faculty member.  It is also charged with the financial and logistical concerns for such student/ faculty relationships and also communicating  relevant program to National ACS.  More info.

    Public Affairs Committee

    govrel - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Public Affairs Committe ensures that section members and public officials and bodies are informed of matters where the knowledge and practice of chemistry is of substantial public importance. These matters can include government issues, environmental issues and the social responsibility of chemists. The Public Affairs Committee gives the Public Affairs Award biennially.  More info.

    Public Relations Committee

    PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE. The Public Relations Committee shall communicate the Section activities through public new media, maintain the website and social media for the section, keeping them up to date with information and content channeled through the committee chairs. The committee shall also handle the logistics of the annual electronic election for the Section. The Media Administration Committee includes the News Media, Web, Social Media, and Elections Administration subcommittees.

    Women Chemists Subcommittee

    The Women Chemists Subcommittee shall arrange activities which shall help achieve the goals of attracting women to a profession in the chemical sciences, providing leadership for career development opportunities for women in the chemical sciences and promoting and recognizing the professional accomplishments of women in the chemical sciences. The Women Chemists Committee and its activities shall be open to all who are interested in joining.

    Young Chemists Subcommittee

    The Younger Chemists Subcommittee shall identify the needs and concerns of younger chemists and develop programs responsive to their needs. The goals of the Younger Chemists Committee are to make the ACS relevant to younger chemists, increase the involvement of younger chemists in the ACS at all levels and develop mechanisms, including mentoring, to integrate younger chemists into the profession.

    Budget Director

    budget - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / Appointed by the Section Chair. Handles the Section budget, including recording expenses, evaluating budget adjustments, and ensuring that committee expenses fit the committee mission.

    Bylaws Committee

    bylaws - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Bylaws Committee is charged with investigating, proposing and altering the Bylaws of the Section and with bringing any such changes to the Board of Directors for their discussion and possible approval.

    Policy and Bylaws Subcommittee

    The Long Range Planning Committee shall maintain a Policy and Bylaws Subcommittee, charged with making ongoing necessary modifications to the policy declarations and Section bylaws. Policy Declarations shall be reviewed annually by the Policy and Bylaws Subcommittee. The Long Range Planning Committee shall make available the current Policy Declarations, Bylaws, and Section Manual to the members of the Board of Directors. (Note: The Policy and Bylaws Subcommittee also nominates candidates for Board elections - Councilors and Alternate Councilor nominations, Comptroller, Editor, Section Trustees, and Willard Gibbs Jurors. It also assures formation of the annual Nominations Subcommittee, which nominates candidates for officers and directors.)

    Section Trustees

    trustees - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / This body consisting of three elected individuals monitors the investments of the Section with our broker(s).  These individuals make decisions, when appropriate or necessary, on holding, selling, or acquiring options on behalf of the Section.

    Annual Report Committee

    annrep - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / The Annual Report Committee is an Appointed Committee entrusted with the gathering and editing of reports from all Section Committees (standing, appointed and ad hoc) and the inclusion of this and other relevant information detailing Section activities for a given calendar year.  Such information needs to be in the “hands” of the immediate past Chair as so requested by this individuals.  This individual is charged to prepare and submit the annual report by the deadline given by National ACS.

    Distinguished Service Award Subcommittee

    The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Subcommittee shall secure nominations for the annual Distinguished Service Award (see section VIII-2-35) and choose a final candidate. The DSA Subcommittee shall be composed of five available former Section Chairs from 12 years previous and forward toward more recent Chairs, and the current Section Chair- The earliest Chair shall serve as Chair of the Nomination Committee and the Election Jury.

    Great Lakes Regional Meeting Liaison Committee

    The Great Lakes Regional Meeting (GLRM) Subcommittee shall serve as the liaison between the Chicago Section and the Great Lakes Region Board. There shall be a specific organizing committee for each individual GLRM. If the Chicago Section is one of the sponsoring local sections, Section members would likely serve on that specific committee and keep the Board informed about progress in planning the meeting.

    Historian Committee

    The Historian Committee shall maintain the historical records of the Chicago Section including reports, photos, and documentation from other committees and subcommittees, serve as a historical consultant for the Section, and work to provide historically-pertinent content for the Chemical Bulletin, web site, news media, and social media.

    ACS Council Subcommittee

    The Councilors and Alternate Councilors of the Section shall constitute the ACS Council Subcommittee. The Immediate Past Chair shall serve as Chair of the ACS Council Subcommittee. It shall be the duty of this subcommittee to discuss the agenda of the national Council meetings, to inform the Board and Section of matters of importance, to recommend action if deemed desirable, and to nominate candidates for national offices of the Society. This subcommittee typically meets on the evening of the Board meeting before each national meeting.

    Nominations Subcommittee

    The Nominations Subcommittee shall gather nominations for the annual election of Section officers and directors and assemble them into a ballot.

    Office Subcommittee

    The Office Subcommittee consists of the Chair of the Office Subcommittee, the Director of Budgets, the Chair, the Chair-elect, and the Immediate Past Chair of the Section. This subcommittee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Chair of the Section and the Board on such matters as office staff, leasing of office space, purchase of office equipment, and custody of historical material belonging to the Section. Any Board proposals concerning the office that do not yet carry the approval of the Office Subcommittee shall be automatically tabled until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Such proposals may not be tabled again under the provision of this regulation. The Office Subcommittee shall review annually the performance of Section employees. Salary adjustments should be reviewed annually where employees are concerned. Salary changes must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Office Subcommittee shall approve check requests covering office expenses.


    Senior Chemists Subcommittee

    The Senior Chemists Subcommittee shall identify the needs and concerns of senior ACS members and develop programs responsive to those needs. The goals of this committee are to foster interest and participation in the science of chemistry through community outreach and to provide programs and activities of interest to senior ACS members.

    Illinois State Fair Subcommittee

    The Illinois State Fair Subcommittee shall represent the interests of the Chicago Section at the Illinois State Fair Committee meetings and be responsible for maintaining the funds of the Illinois State Fair Committee. The subcommittee shall annually appoint one of its members as a liaison to the Illinois State Fair Committee.

    Stieglitz Lecture Committee

    stieglitz - at - chicagoacs - dot - org / This committee works with the University of Chicago to select a special lecturer in honor of Prof. Julius Stieglitz. Responsibility for selecting the speaker and making arrangements for the meeting at which the annual lecture will be deliveres alternates years between the Section and the University. 

    Willard Gibbs Medal Subcommittee

    The Chair-Elect and Section Chair constitute the Willard Gibbs Medal Subcommittee. The Chair-Elect chairs the Gibbs Jury and guides the jury through the process of selecting the annual recipient of the Willard Gibbs Medal (see section XIII) and arranges the presentation details connected with the Willard Gibbs Medal Award Dinner. The Section Chair shall be copied on all correspondence between the Chair-Elect and the Gibbs Jury in case the Chair-Elect becomes incapacitated or is otherwise unable to serve.

    Education Committee

    The Education Committee shall provide chemistry-related educational programs and information to learners of all ages and shall actively interface with educators at the pre-K-12 and college levels. In doing so, it maintains liaisons to the Chicago Public Schools and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers. In addition to these liaisons, the Education Committee includes the K-12 Education, College Education, and Continuing Education subcommittees.

    Outreach Committee

    The Outreach Committee engages the general public in chemistry-related educational activities and participates in ACS activities at the annual Illinois State Fair. The Outreach Committee includes the Community Activities and Illinois State Fair subcommittees.

    AACT Liaison

    The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) Liaison shall enhance the science interest and training of students and teachers by working with the AACT to augment its effectiveness in partnership with the activities of the Section.

    Emerging Star Subcommittee

    The Emerging Star Award Subcommittee shall secure nominations for the annual Emerging Star Award (see section VIII-2-38) and choose a final candidate. The last five Distinguished Service Award recipients who are available to serve shall constitute the subcommittee. The most recent recipient of the DSA shall serve as Chair of the subcommittee.

    High School Teaching Award Subcommittee

    The High School Teaching Award Subcommittee chooses the recipient of the annual Award for High School Excellence in Chemistry (see section VIII-2-36). The subcommittee is composed of the Awards Committee Chair, a representative from both the K-12 Education Subcommittee, and the College Education Subcommittee Chair.

    Communities Committee

    The Communities committee shall devote targeted engagement to chemistry professionals. The Communities Committee includes the Women Chemists, Younger Chemists, Minority Chemists, and Senior Chemists Subcommittees.

    A/V Support Subcommttee

    The A/V Support Subcommittee shall develop, maintain, and actively apply communication tools, other electronic applications and audiovisual hardware for Section board meetings and program meetings.

    The Chemical Bulletin

    The Chemical Bulletin Committee shall gather content for the Chemical Bulletin channeled through the committee chairs and organize it in a timely fashion for monthly publication. The Chemical Bulletin Committee members are appointed by the Editor. The committee works in cooperation with the Development Committee to secure advertising for the Chemical Bulletin.

    Election Administration Subcommittee

    The Elections Administration Subcommittee shall handle the logistics of the annual electronic election for the Section.

    News Media Subcommittee

    The News Media Subcommittee shall promote the Section and its activities to the general public by way of public news media. The Public Relations Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that notices and programs (Obituaries, Gibbs Award Lecture, etc.) are sent to C&EN as soon as available, keeping in mind the proper issue of C&EN for publication. All content and associated information shall be channeled through the committee chairs.

    Social Media Subcommittee

    The Social Media Subcommittee shall maintain social media accounts for communication with Section members and the public. All content and associated information shall be channeled through the committee chairs.