Chemistry Olympiad

    The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), one of the International Science Olympiads, is an annual academic competition for high school students. To demonstrate their expertise, participating students take a series of written and laboratory exams at regional, national, and international levels. Ultimately the top ~200 students in the world are identified, ranked, and awarded gold, silver, and bronze medal status. Click here for the results of the 2019 international competition held inParis, France. The 2020 International Chemistry Olympiad will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Statement on Accommodations from the national office

    The USNCO is a contest. However, the USNCO will consider providing competitors with disabilities with accommodation to enable them to compete within the rules of the USNCO to which all competitors are subject.  Accommodations that fundamentally alter the highly competitive nature of the USNCO contest and/or create undue hardship cannot be granted.  For example, in nearly all cases time extensions cannot be accommodated because they fundamentally alter the competitive nature of the exam and create an undue hardship on volunteers. Competitors must request accommodation as soon as possible to enable the USNCO to consider the request.  

    Competitors requesting accommodation must submit documentation from a school official establishing that the accommodation the competitor has requested is being provided by the secondary school.  USNCO cannot proceed with considering a competitor’s request until he or she provides this documentation.  Upon reviewing the documentation, a designated representative of the USNCO will contact the competitor and/or his or her parent(s) or legal guardian to discuss the need for the accommodation, its impact on the uniformly applied rules of competition for the USNCO and any alternative, effective accommodations.  The USNCO may require the competitor to provide additional medical information and/or to authorize his or her health care provider to share relevant information with representatives of USNCO in connection with a request for accommodation.

    All medical information received by the USNCO will be maintained as a confidential medical record and will only be shared with USNCO officials and representatives who need to know this information because they are, for example, addressing and/or implementing the competitor’s request for accommodation.  Competitors who have questions should email us at [email protected].

    Competition levels

    • Local: (March) All high school teachers within the Chicago Section may nominate up to eight students for the regional Chemistry Olympiad exam. This year, the local exam will only be offered online.  We are requiring nominating teachers, or their proxy, to proctor their students for the exam.  It will be administered on March 27, 2021 from 2:00 to 3:50 CT.

    • National: (April) The students with the TOP 19 scores on the Regional exam may proceed to he National exam level with no more than two from any one school. This exam will also only be offered online.  As last year, there will be no laboratory portion of the exam.

    • International Team: (June) The students with the TOP 20 scores in the nation may proceed to a special "boot camp" at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. For one month, these students study intensively for international competition.

    • International Competition: (July) The TOP FOUR students from the boot camp proceed to international competition, where they take exams with four-person teams from countries all around the world. 

    Nomination invitation letter:  You can access the nomination invitation letter here.

    Nominations:  Teachers may nominate up to eight students on the form here.

    The Chicago section is delighted to share that seven students qualified to take the 2020 national exam, part II of the Chemistry Olympiad, which occurred on Sunday May 3 at 2 pm CDT.  Only 150 qualify nationally.  They are Justin Chen and Rick Wang of Stevenson (Cristina Higgins teacher), Judson Lam and Geoffrey Wu of Naperville North (Elizabeth Brucker teacher), Jonathan Lei of Neuqua Valley (Patti Smykal teacher), Eric Liu of New Trier (William Loris teacher), and Andy Tang of Illinois Math and Science Academy (John Thurmond teacher).  Congratulations to those students, their parents, their teachers, and their schools!