Dr. Joe Francisco

    ?????? Chicago ACS ??'s Dr. Joe Francisco!! "I saw patterns in what others considered noise." With ~500 peer-reviewed papers and decades of service, Dr. F. became global American Chemical Society President and visited Chicago to present the prestigious Willard Gibbs Medal in 2009. Now the the Dean and William E. Moore Disting. Prof. of Earth and Atmospheric Sci. and Chem. at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, plus member of the National Academy of Sciences, he previously worked for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology - Caltech, the U.S. Navy Research Advisory Committee (, cmte member for Pres. Obama's National Medal of Science , and many other top-level organizations. Learn more about how his simple question "Oh, I don't have the money to buy model do I make my own?" translated into his position of Earth-wide impact at The HistoryMakers:
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