Distinguished Prof. Charles Cannon

    Dr. Charles Cannon rocks! Chicago ACS Board Member and Councilor, American Chemical Society Fellow, Chemistry Professor of Distinction and former Chair of the Science and Math Dept at Columbia College Chicago, Cannon is a celebrated Chicago Chemistry fixture, recommending: “Pursue your interests-enjoy the fascination of the science-after all we possess the most sophisticated chemical factory there is-our body” #blackhistorymonth #chemistry #chemist#africanamericanchemists

    Prior to Columbia, he worked at BP/Amoco in Naperville, Illinois as a Research Chemist in Petroleum Additives, and helped start the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) Official Site with Nobel Prizewinner Leon Lederman. 

    Cannon earned his BS from Alabama A&M University, and his PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Thesis: "“Some Rearrangements of Tricyclic and Bicyclic Organomagnesium Compounds”

    Committed to service, Cannon is Chair of our Minority Affairs Cmte, Co-Chair of our Senior Chemists Cmte, an ACS Career Counselor, Section Chair ('82-83), and has been active on more than a dozen other local and national ACS committees. 

    Read more about him in Fran Kravitz' engaging biography: