Publications Business Manager

    Interested in entrepreneurship and other business aspects of the chemical enterprise? This is an exciting time to become the Chicago ACS Publications Business Manager, who is in charge of soliciting advertising for the Chemical Bulletin. With the Chicago ACS’ new website, the Business Manager will also need to manage ads placed on our website and emails, working closely with the Webmaster. Further, this position is primed to manage our new e-commerce capabilities, selling merchandise and developing partnership arrangements with vendors aligned with our mission. The Business Manager position carries one half vote on the Board of Directors, and appointment must be approved by the board.

    Please contact Policy Chair Ken Fivizzani to be nominated ([email protected], 630-904-9752), and alert the current and incoming chairs ([email protected] and [email protected])

    For reference, here is the job description in the Chicago Section ACS Manual:

    The Publications Business Manager...

    1. Shall serve on the Board of Directors.
    2. Shall prepare the Ad Rates Schedule (includes size of ads, dimensions in inches, price, commitment deadline, copy deadline, mail date, editorial topic and contact information)
    3. Shall notify the Board of total number of pages of ads for the upcoming issue at each Board meting.
    4. Shall ensure that the following is done.
      1. Ad Rates Schedule is sent to past and potential advertisers.
      2. The list of ads reserved for each issue is prepared and sent to the Editor of the Chemical Bulletin and the Production Company within 24 hours of commitment deadline.
      3. The ads received are sent to the Production Company within 24 hours of the copy deadline, including a revised ad list if there were any changes.
      4. Invoices are sent to advertisers after publication, including a tear sheet.