Anne T. Sherren

    June, 2007:

    Anne Sherren states “Chemistry is the Central Science, and the current interesting research is at the interfaces –chemistry and biology, chemistry and physics, chemistry and foods, chemistry and material science, and chemistry and other disciplines in science.” She also stated “Women are capable of doing important chemistry and all of us should encourage all young persons, especially young women.” Anne has faith in tomorrow because of the youth of today! Dr. Anne Sherren retired from active teaching in 2001. In keeping with Anne’s desire to encourage females students in chemistry North Central College established the Dr. Anne T. Sherren Scholarship fund for female students in chemistry. Anne enjoys meeting the current Sherren Scholars each year.

    Dr. Anne T. SherrenDr. Anne Terry Sherren graduated from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA with a double major in chemistry and mathematics. She obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1961. This chemist started experimenting in her mother’s kitchen. One of her first experiments was to determine what she could add to her scrambled eggs. Anne’s father encouraged her interest in science with interesting plants and bugs. Anne recalls her freshman High School science teacher inspiring her and then later (about 16 years) rejoicing to see Dr. Sherren at a Professional Educator’s meeting with Anne’s Mother. High School Chemistry thrilled Anne. In college Anne chose chemistry over mathematics because of her excellent freshman chemistry teacher.

    When Anne was completing her Ph.D. degree industrial jobs were tight and analytical chemistry Ph.D.s were not interesting to the recruiters. Dr. Tom Lippincott and Dr. Harry Sisler both encouraged her to apply for teaching positions. In the fall of 1961 Dr. Terry joined the faculty of the Texas Woman’s University in Denton. With capable mentors Anne excelled. In 1966 William Sherren and Anne Terry were married and Anne began her 35-year teaching of chemistry at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. In a small department one teaches many subjects and does many other items outside the classroom. These items include the advising of students, sponsoring student organizations, ordering equipment and chemicals, serving on a variety of committees and even supervising the mopping of the floor when a sink leaks.

    Dr. Sherren would start each term by telling her students about herself using her grade report of 2 Cs, B and A to describe her values and interests. The first C is for Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior and her many church activities. The second C stands for Chemistry and Anne’s myriad or professional activities. B is for Bill her husband and her extended family. A is for Anne since Anne learned that she needs time for herself. She made it a point to limit her professional activities to groups that benefited students or helped Anne to help her students.

    Chemical research has always been an important part of Dr. Sherren’s professional activity. In addition to doing research with her students on campus, Dr. Sherren had the privilege of being a Research Participant at both Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She also spent one sabbatical term at Nalco Chemical Company in Naperville. Dr. Sherren has presented a number of chemical papers and has published articles in several chemical journals.

    This active chemist has been on several Chicago Section Committees including the College Education Committee and writing for the Women Chemists Committee column. Dr. Sherren also chaired the Analytical Chemistry subcommittee of the Division of Chemical Education Curriculum Committee. Anne Sherren has served Iota Sigma Pi, National Honorary Society for Women Chemists as National President, National Director, and National Historian. At the same time Dr. Sherren has remained active in the local chapter, Aurum Iodide, serving as Faculty Liaison and Membership Chairman for a number of years. Dr. Sherren enjoyed grading Advanced Placement Chemistry Exams and serving as a consultant for ETS. Anne also serving as a reviewer for NSF proposals and doing abstracting for Chemical Abstracts before all abstracts were prepared by the CA staff. Anne Sherren will still dig out a chemical demonstration to share with her High School Chemistry friends at a Chem West meeting. In Texas Anne was active with the SSTP program for High School girls. Anne knows that several of these students received Ph.D.s in chemistry.

    Her honors include listings in Who’s Who in the Midwest and a number of the other Who’s Who volumes and also in 1967 Outstanding Young Women in America, and1975 Outstanding Educators of America. In 1984 the Chicago Section, American Institute of Chemists, Honor Scroll Award went to Dr. Anne T. Sherren. Beta Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Honorary society for Women Educators presented Anne Sherren is Chapter Achievement Award in 1992, and the DuPage County Coordinating Council of Delta Kappa Gamma, Key Contributor Award in1998. Dr. Sherren became an Honorary Member of MACTLAC (Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges) in 2000. In 1993 Anne Sherren received a Chicago Presbytery Award for Outstanding Volunteer with Exemplary Service to the Local Church.

    Over the years Anne has enjoyed her many contributions to Knox Presbyterian Church of Naperville. She is still active on the Mission Committee and with her church circle. Dr. Sherren served her congregation as Clerk of Session for 18 years. When she stepped down as Clerk of Session Anne Sherren’s friends honored her by establishing the Dr. Anne T. Sherren Scholarship Fund. The Scholarships are for students going into full time Christian Service. The third Sherren scholar will graduate from Seminary this spring.

    In retirement, Dr. Sherren is still busy. In 2002 Anne and Bill Sherren moved into an independent apartment at Lexington Square of Lombard. She enjoys her water aerobics and dance aerobics classes, her Bible Study classes, volunteering at Knox Presbyterian Church and currently she is serving as Vice President of the Lexington Square Resident Council. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, knitting, and gardening.

    Anne Sherren realizes that alone she can do nothing, but she can do much with the help of Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior and a very supporting spouse, William Sherren.

    –  Written by Anne T. Sherren