Council Report 2014 #2 National Meeting San Francisco

    Report of Council Meeting in San Francisco

    The 248th National Meeting of the ACS was held in San Francisco, CA, from August 10 – 14, 2014. The theme of this meeting was “Chemistry and Global Stewardship.” The Chicago Section was represented by Charles Cannon (Local Section Activities), Irene Cesa, Dave Crumrine (Constitution and Bylaws), Ken Fivizzani (Community Activities and Chair, Division of Chemical Health and Safety), Herb Golinkin (Constitution and Bylaws), Michael Koehler, Fran Kraviz, Inessa Miller, Barbara Moriarty (Science) and Susan Shih (Education).  

    Finances: The Society’s 2014 probable year-end financial projection were reviewed.  The Society is expected to end 2014 with a Net Contribution from operations of $14.4 million, or $752,000 higher than the Approved Budget.  Total revenues are projected to be $497.2 million. This is $1.1 million or 0.2% unfavorable to the Approved Budget.  This shortfall is primarily due to lower-than-budgeted Electronic Services, Registration Fees, and Advertising revenues. Total expenses are projected at $482.8 million, which is $1.9 million or 0.4% favorable to the Approved Budget. This variance is the result of lower-than-budgeted expenses across multiple categories primarily in the Society’s information services divisions (CAS and Publications). The Society is not expected to meet the reserve adequacy guideline again in 2014.  The Board of Directors voted on the recommendation of the Society Committee on Budget and Finance, to approve an advance member registration fee of $390 for national meetings held in 2015.

    Governance: The Council elected councilors to serve on the Committee on Committees, the Council Policy Committee and the Committee on Nominations.  For the Committee on Committees – Mitchell R.M. Bruce, Judith N. Currano, Helen A. (Bonnie) Lawlor, Zaida Morales-Martinez, and Robert A. Pribush were elected.  For the Council Policy Committee –Lawrence Barton, Lynne P. Greenblatt, Peter C. Jurs, Linette M. Watkins and Andrea Twiss-Brooks were elected.  For the Committee on Nominations and Elections – Lydia E.M. Hines, Robert L. Lichter, Mamie W. Moy, Anne T. O’Brien, and Eleanor D. Siebert were elected.

    The candidates for the fall 2014 ACS national election for President-Elect 2015 are Peter K. Dorhout, William A. Lester, Jr, and Donna J. Nelson.  Candidates for Directors-at-Large, who are elected by Council, are Dawn A. Brooks, William F. Carroll, Jr., Barbara A. Sawrey and Ellen B. Stechel,

    Meetings and Expositions: The attendance at the San Francisco meeting was reported to be the most attended fall meeting since 2002 with 11,847 papers and 15,761 attendees, including 432 booths representing 285 companies.

    The Fall 2022 meetings is scheduled to be held in Chicago.  This is the first time an ACS national meeting is planned for Chicago since 2007.

    Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA):  The Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA) reported that the unemployment rate for chemists has gone down to 2.9%.  However, the unemployment rate for new hires was 14.6% and the unemployment rate for new Bachelor’s degree hires was 15.8%.  The on-site career fair at the meeting had 651 job seekers and 38 employers.  The virtual career fair had additional job seekers and employers. The Council approved the updated Professional Employment Guidelines (PEG).

    Local Sections:  The theme for National Chemistry Week, to be held October 19-25, is “The Sweet Side of Chemistry: Candy”.

    Chemistry and Public Affairs:  The Section won a Chemluminary Award for its meeting with Congressman Danny Davis and the follow-up from that meeting.

    If you have any questions and/or comments about the above actions, please contact me or one of your other representatives.  You may contact me by email ([email protected]).