Members of the Chicago Section have initiated a committee to serve the local members. In their kick-off meeting in November, they developed outreach plans for Chicago area members and the community. These plans include a column in the Chicago Bulletin by our members. Topics will include networking, career development, and vignettes of women in chemistry. Also posters or pamphlets will be available at the monthly dinner meetings. Suggestions from our readers are always welcome and may be sent to the Women's Chemistry Committee or [email protected]

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    The Women Chemists Committee of the Chicago ACS serves the membership of the American Chemical Society. Our mission is to be leaders in attracting, developing and promoting women in the chemical sciences. There are three goals designed to fulfill our mission statement:

    1. Attract women to a profession in the chemical sciences.
    2. Provide leadership for career development opportunities for women in the chemical sciences.
    3. Promote and recognize the professional accomplishments of women in the chemical sciences.

    My trip to China in 1990 to train a joint venture partners' sales staff and meet potential customers illustrates how far women have come. The Chinese hosts had two translators for the Americans, one male and one female. She was indeed the higher skilled translator, and yet, the guy was the translator for the salesmen (all males), physicians (all males) and nurses (all females). At the dinner meeting with the physicians, the Chinese salesmen were scattered among the banquet tables. However, they all sat in a far corner table at the nurse's dinner meeting.

    We've come a long way from the two cultures stereotype and, yet, there is always a need to extend a helping hand to our family in chemistry. Krista wants to become a molecular biologist. How does she prepare herself? What courses should be taken? Which school and which subspecialty of molecular biology? Abbey is an excellent student but has no idea of the diversity of jobs available to chemistry majors. However, she has the talent and willpower to become one of the best chemists. Denise is upset with the two cultures in the lab. Why is it always her job to tidy up the lab? The Women Chemists Committee wants to help Krista, Abbey, Denise and others with their career choices and nurture their career growth.