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    Education Night with Don Wink: "Knowing How Students Learn in Chemical Education" & AACT Kickoff

    September 19, 2014
    5:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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    Loyola University - Chemistry Department (Flanner Hall)
    1064 West Sheridan Road
    Chicago, IL 60660

    Please join the Chicago ACS for Education Night! Our multifaceted program features:

    • Professor Don Wink: Lauded UIC Professor and Chair of ACS' Division of Chemical Education will shed light on the essence of chemistry learning.
    • AACT Launch: The nation's first association for high school Chemistry teachers, the AACT, just launched, and its Director in Washington D.C, Adam Boyd, will tell us all about it.
    • Networking: Chemists from all over Chicagoland will be gathering to make new contacts, develop collaborations, and discuss scientific ideas. Be sure to arrive early for the social hour - you will feel at home among your scientific and technical peers.
    • Posters: Loyola students and Project SEED high schoolers who spent the summer in research labs will showcase their work
    • Awards: Chicagoland's most talented high school Chemistry students will receive over $15,000 worth of scholarships in reward for their prowess; their teachers will be there to share the glory and receive prizes for their own efforts, too.


    • 5:00 - 7:30  Registration
    • 5:00 - 7:45  Poster Session, Social Hour, and AACT Signup
    • 5:00 - 6:45  Dinner served cafeteria-style at Simpson Living Center
    • 7:45             Introduction & Section Announcements
    • 7:55             Presentation of High School Scholarships
    • 8:15             "Kickoff of the AACT" by Adam Boyd
    • 8:20 - 9:00  Prof. Don Wink: "Knowing How Students Learn in Chemical Education"


    Registration is required for dinner, which will be held in the cafeteria of the Simpson Living Center. All dinner tickets cost $15. Lecture-only registration (without the dinner) is available.

    Prof. Wink's Abstract:

    A key component of learning by chemistry students is found in the methods they use to construct their knowledge. But these methods are often unknown to teachers. Instructors can provide content, implement learning activities, and design learning environments that support student learning—things that affect where and what students learn. Testing, in turn, has the potential (not always realized) to reveal what students know. But what students actually think about and do in order to learn material—how they learn, in other words—is harder to document because it occurs out of sight of the teacher and, often, is not something even students stop to think about. This talk will discuss research and teaching work that has been done to document, understand this “How” question and, based on the research, to support productive student learning. Two studies will be presented, one from a writing-intensive general education chemistry course and the other from a course on organic and biochemistry for allied health students. Both studies demonstrate that ongoing student assessment, in particular through reflective journals and surveys, has the potential to get students to think about and reveal how they learn, as well as how they may struggle in their learning. From this it is then possible to design new activities that promote more positive efforts by the students.

    The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)—Accepting Charter Members Now!

    Serving K–12 teachers of chemistry everywhere, AACT offers specialized chemistry teaching resources, a periodical about teaching chemistry in the K–12 classroom, professional development opportunities, and more!  Please visit to learn more, stay in touch, and get involved. Adam Boyd, Director ot the AACT will join us via Skype to tell us about the AACT.


    Loyola students and high school students who participated in Project SEED this summer will showcase their research in a poster session prior to commencement of the main event.

    Prof. Wink's Biography:

    Don Wink is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he has taught since 1992. He has been on the faculty of UIC's Learning Sciences Research Institute since 2004, and has been its Director of Graduate Studies since 2007. He is currently Chair of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Education, for which he was Secretary and Councilor from 2005-2010, and serves on the editorial advisory board of the prestigious Journal of Chemical Education. In 2014, he was named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, honoring his contributions to the ACS as well as those to science and education. He work has partly focused on the general chemistry undergraduate curriculum, including NSF-supported materials development projects that led to a textbook (The Practice of Chemistry) and a project-based laboratory manual (Working with Chemistry). He was a co-PI for the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education, giving first- and second-year students research opportunities within the regular lab curriculum. In 1999 he began several projects involving K-12 teacher preparation and education. This included work in conjunction with the UIC College of Education and area community colleges on new general education courses for elementary education majors. He worked on several STEM projects in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), in particular a curriculum and professional development project with Loyola University Chicago for 11 high-need schools, over a hundred faculty (about one-third chemistry) and about 20,000 students. He is also engaged in collaborative work with department colleagues in the area of small molecule crystallography.

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