Solar Cell Kit for 9/15 Workshop (NONMEMBERS $40)


    Make a Solar Cell with Blackberries!

    Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Kit

    These kits, each of which supports classroom activity for 30 students, are for use at our Septmber 15, 2017 meeting. Dr. Sameer Patwardhan, will host a workshop describing how to make solar cells using the kits, and provide guidance on how to make them succeed as a classroom activity.
    From Sameer's website:
    With the DSSC kit, students and DIY enthusiasts can make solar cells using household ingredients under 15 minutes. The cells can be easily connected to create functional solar panels and power electronic devices under sunlight. This multidisciplinary experiment introduces basic concepts concerning solar cell fabrication, solar panel assembly and use in a unified experiment. In contrast to the perovskite solar cell kit , which we have designed, the DSSC version allows easier fabrication and assembly, and reduces costs and safety requirements substantially. Therefore, its highly suitable for middle and highschool students. The most appealing part for the students is to see the solar panels in action, i.e. light LEDs under sunlight.