Outreach and Education Division

    The EDUCATION AND OUTREACH DIVISION supports chemistry education at all levels, including K-12, college, and adult/continuing education. It maintains liaisons to the Chicago Public Schools and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). The Division engages the general public in chemistry-related educational activities, participates in ACS activities at the annual Illinois State Fair, and publicizes all events and news-related content. The division oversees the annual Project SEED program for the Section as well as the Project SEED scholarships. The Division also assists public officials and other community bodies concerning chemistry-related matters. The Education and Outreach Division includes the Education, Outreach, Project SEED, and Public Affairs Committees.

    The EDUCATION COMMITTEE provides chemistry-related educational programs and information to learners of all ages and actively engages with educators at the pre-K-12 and college levels. Subcommittees include:

    • AACT Liaison
    • College Education Subcommittee
    • Continuing Education Subcommittee
    • Chicago School Board Liaison
    • K - 12 Education Subcommittee


    The PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ensures that section members and public officials and bodies are informed of matters where the knowledge and practice of chemistry is of substantial public importance. These matters can include government issues, environmental issues and the social responsibility of chemists. The Public Affairs Committee gives the Public Affairs Award biennially.

    The OUTREACH COMMITTEE engages the general public, educators and children in chemistry-related educational activities and participates in many different types of events around the greater Chicago area.   Subcommittees include:

    • Community Activities Subcommittee
    • Illinois State Fair Subcommittee


    PROJECT SEED COMMITTEE identifies interested low-income and/or minority high school junior and senior students who are interested in participating in a paid summer research experience with  a college or university faculty member.  It supports financial and logistical concerns for the student/ faculty relationships and communicating  relevant program information to the national ACS organization.  The committee is also responsible for distributing Project SEED awards to support the internships. 

    Council Report 2019 #2 National Meeting San Diego

    Report of Council Meeting in San Diego

    The Council Meeting took place on August 28 during the 258th National Meeting of the ACS in San Diego, CA from August 25 – 29, 2019. The theme of this meeting was “Chemistry and Water.”  The Chicago section was represented at Council by ten councilors:  Charles Cannon (Local Section Activities),  David Crumrine (Constitution and Bylaws), Ken Fivizzani (Community Activities), Russell Johnson (Chemistry and Public Affairs), Fran Kravitz (Ethics and also a Career Consultant) , Margy Levenberg (Meetings and Expositions), Milt Levenberg (Senior Chemists), Inessa Miller and Barbara Moriarty (Chemistry and Public Affairs) and Susan Shih (Education).  The national activities of each are given, as I know them.

    Finances: The Society’s 2019 Financial Performance (though 7/31/2019) indicates that the Net from Operations was $30.1 million. This amount is $10 million favorable to the Approved Budget and $1.7 million less than that for the same period in 2018.  Total revenues are right on budget at $338.0 million.  Total expenses are $308 million, which is $10 million favorable to budget.  The ACS is expected to finish the year meeting all five of the Society’s financial guidelines.

    The Committee on Budget and Finance recommend, and the Board voted to approve, funding in the 2020 Budget for ChemIDP (Individual Development Plan), the International Student Chapter program, and the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Education Resources pilot.

    Governance: The Council elected councilors to serve on the Committee on Committees, the Council Policy Committee and the Committee on Nominations.  For the Committee on Committees – Lisa M. Balbes, D. Richard Cobb, Emilio X. Esposito, Jason E. Ritchie, and Stephanie J. Watson were elected for three-year terms (2020–2022).  For the Council Policy Committee – Anne M. Gaffney, Lydia E. M. Hines, Will E. Lynch, and Sally B. Peters were elected to full three-year terms (2020–2022), while Dee Ann Casteel was elected to a one-year term (2020).   For the Committee on Nominations and Elections – Michelle V. Buchannan, Charles E. Cannon, Alan A. Hazari, Amber S. Hinkle, and Thomas H. Lane were elected to full three-year terms (2020–2022).

    Meetings and Expositions (M&E): The total attendance at the meeting was reported to be 12,409 with 3095 students and 7488 attendees.  Once again, as part of the sustainability plan, only the mobile app was available (and not printed programs).  M&E recommended that the Early-bird Member Registration fee for national meetings in 2020 be $505.

    Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA):  The Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA) reported that the unemployment rate for member chemists was 2.0%.  The on-site career fair at the meeting had 239 job seeker profiles and 31 employers with 81 total open positions.

    Community Activities:  The theme for National Chemistry Week (NCW), to be held this October, is “Marvelous Metals”.  NCW 2019 will also celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT2019).

    Local Section Activities:  The Chicago Section won two ChemLuminary awards:  the Most Innovative New Activity or Program Award and the ACS President’s Award for Local Section Governmental Affairs.


    The Council voted (subject to Board approval) to approve the creation of an International Chemical Sciences Chapter in the Republic of Georgia.

    The Council voted to transfer the Pittsburgh Local Section from District II to District III.

    The Council voted (subject to Board approval) to continue the International Activities and Professional Training committees.


    If you have any questions and/or comments about the above Council actions, please contact me or one of your other representatives.  You may contact me by email ([email protected]).