Council Report 2018 #1 National Meeting New Orleans

    Report of Council Meeting held in the Spring of 2018

    by BARBARA MORIARTY, Councilor

    The 255th National Meeting of the ACS was held in New Orleans, LA, from March 18 – 22, 2018. The theme of this meeting was “Nexus of Food, Energy & Water.” The Chicago section was represented at Council by our complete contingent of councilors: Charles Cannon (Local Section Activities), David Crumrine (Constitution and Bylaws), Ken Fivizzani (Community Activities), Russell Johnson (Chemistry and Public Affairs), Michael Kohler (Chemical Safety), Fran Kravitz (Ethics), Margy Levenberg ( Meetings and Expositions), Milt Levenberg (Senior Chemists), Inessa Miller and Barbara Moriarty (Chemistry and Public Affairs). The national activities of each are given, as I know them. In addition, Marsha Anne Philips, who was a councilor from Chicago, was recognized as a deceased councilor.

    Finances: The Committee on Budget and Finance reported that the Society ended 2017 with $553.1 million in total revenue, which was $26.4 million more than in 2016. The total expenses ended the year at 524.5.0 million, which was $21.6 million higher than the previous year. The unrestricted net assets for the society increased enough so that the ACS is in compliance with all five of the Board-established financial guidelines.

    Governance: The Council elected Luis A. Echegoyen and Thomas R. Gilbert to be candidates for President- Elect of the society. The election, along with any petition candidates, will be held in the fall of 2018.

    Meetings and Expositions: As of March 19, 2018, the 255th ACS national meeting had attracted 16,585 registrants, including 8470 regular attendees and 6432 student attendees. In addition, it was reported that there were 13,213 scientific contributions at this meeting.

    Membership Affairs: At the end of 2017, membership was 150,900, which is less than on the same date in 2016. The loss of regular members has declined for 11 continuous years. However, other membership categories have remained the same. After a vigorous debate, the cost of membership was increased at the fully escalated rate to $175 for 2019.

    Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs: The career fair at the meeting had 422 job seekers, 15 employers and 26 jobs posted. The US membership unemployment was 2.9%.

    Petitions: The Council voted to approve the “petition on the Composition of Society Committees.”
    The Council voted against the “petition for Election of Committee Chairs.”

    Divisions: An allocation to divisions recognizing programming at regional and international meetings was recommitted.

    Education: On 3/16/2018 membership in American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) reached 5000.If you have any questions and/or comments about the above actions, please contact me or one of your other councilors.

    You may contact me by email at [email protected].