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    Teacher Kits are back!

    Teacher Kits are back.  The Chicago ACS Section has 50 K – 12 educator experiment kits to hand out.  This is the 3rd big kit that the section has done this year.  Every kit has the supplies and instructions for teachers so they could do the activities in their classroom.  Please fill out the linked form to sign up to receive a kit.  Kits will be available in April at several locations.   Videos about the activities will be linked on the website for teachers to be able to understand how and why about an activity.  There are over 12 experiments that can be done multiple times.  Topics with this kit include:

    • Intermolecular forces – looking at the polarity of various dyes
    • Cartesian Diver
    • Making a Spectroscope
    • Rate of Dissolving
    • Discrepant Event
    • Acids and Bases
    • Corrosion
    • Paper making
    • Earth Day activities
    • Electrolysis
    • Measuring a wavelength of light

    There might be one more kit will be available this school year for teachers to do demonstrations and labs with their students.  Please stay tune to see if there is one more kit this school year.