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     2018 Election Results

    The results are in! With 460 votes cast, the following people have been elected to positions for 2019 and beyond:

    Chair-elect: Paul Brandt

    Vice Chair: Josh Kurutz

    Secretary: Becca Weiner

    Treasurer: Amber Arzadon

    Directors (2019-2020 term): Aleksandra Baranczak, Fran Kravitz, Margy Levenberg, Milt Levenberg, Oluseye (Kenny) Onajole, and Andrea Twiss-Brooks

    Councilors (2019-2021 term): David Crumrine, Margy Levenberg, Milt Levenberg, Inessa Miller, Susan Shih

    Alternate Councilors (2019-2021 term): Katie Leach, Time Marin, Becca Weiner

    Congratulations, all!