Young Chemists' Events

    Objective: To strengthen the skills of and connections between members of the ACS Chicago YCC section through career and leadership development, networking and outreach opportunities, and use of social networks.

    2015 Tentative Event Schedules / Details


     (1) “Chemistry on the Silver Screen”                                 Date — February 24th,2015

    Location: Northwestern University

    Description — An event that will utilize an ACS Program-in-a-box to not only increase awareness of the ACS Chicago YCC chapter within the Northwestern student community, but also advertise for future events as well. The event will feature a networking session and the discussion on how Hollywood is working to incorporate science from people that are making it happen.


     (2) “Beers with Peers II”                                                     Date — April 10th, 2015

    Location: Howls at the Moon

    Description — The second iteration of the Chicago YCC’s popular networking event, connecting younger chemists with the greater Chicago ACS chapter.


    (3) “$tart $mart”                                                                  Date — May 16th, 2015

    Location: Loyola University

    Description —Three-hour workshop that provides women with the knowledge and skills for negotiating salaries and benefits in order to receive fair and realistic compensation as they approach the job market. In collaboration with the American Association of University Women, Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society's Women Chemists, and the Employment Committees. The workshop includes a light breakfast, lunch and resume review by ACS career Consultants. Open to all women!

    (4) “CHICAGO YCC Fun Run”                                             Date — May 28th, 2015

    Location: Great Lakes-Central Regional Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI

    Description — To strengthen ties, communication, and the lung capacities within the younger chemists of the Chicagoland area!

    (5) “YCC Networking Luncheon”                                      Date — May 28th, 2015

    Location: Great Lakes Central Regional ACS Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI

    Description —To provide networking opportunities for the Chicago YCC’s members with speakers from the Great Lakes Central Regional ACS Meeting and other attendees of the meeting.


    (6) “YCC Networking Social”                                             Date — May 28th, 2015

    Location: Great Lakes Central Regional Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI

    B.O.B. Brewery

    Description — Another opportunity for the Chicago YCC’s members to strengthen ties and communication with one another at the Regional ACS meeting.



    (7) “YCC Picnic”                                                                  Date — June 2015

    Location: Centennial Park, Evanston, IL

    Description —A chance for the Chicago YCC to connect and converse with each other while enjoying the beautiful weather on Lake Michigan.


    (8) “Meet the Neighbors”                                                     Date — July 2015

    Location: TBD

    Description — A “speed networking” event to showcase chemistry being done by local chemistry students and professionals within the YCC network in the form of brief (~5 min) flash/teaser talks followed by a networking social hour.


    (9) “Program in a Box (Tales of Lab Safety: How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes)”                                                   Date — Obtober 20th, 2015

    Location: Northwestern University

    Description —There is a learning curve with everything, but mistakes made in the lab can ruin your research and cause dangerous accidents. Join us to find out how to avoid lab accidents and get it right the first time.