Project SEED Scholarship

    Project SEED Scholarships

    1. Beginning in the Fall of 2019, the Chicago Section of the ACS will annually offer up to two scholarships to Chicago Section Project SEED students in the amounts of $6,000/$4,000 awarded over the course of four years, as long as they are taking a science class each year. The scholarship will be allowed to cover any educational expenses.
    2. Awardees will be granted the monies regardless of where they attend college.
    3. Students can be rising Junior or Senior high school students or having just graduated from high school but they will be responsible for fulfilling the selection criteria listed below.
    4. Students can apply immediately upon completion of their project. Should they not be awarded a scholarship in their first application they can reapply in subsequent years up until they have begun their 2nd year of college. Should the student be awarded a scholarship they may not reapply in subsequent years to increase their award.
    5. The selection criteria would be based on four pieces:
      1. an application provided by the student,
      2. a letter of recommendation from the Project SEED mentor,
      3. a poster presentation that the student would give on their project at a Chicago Section Dinner Meeting and would be assessed by the Project SEED Scholarship Committee, preferably at the September Dinner Meeting,
      4. and an interview (preferably in person) with a select number of committee members.
    6. The committee will consist of a chair (currently Paul Brandt), and five to seven others selected by the chair of the Project SEED Scholarship Committee (currently Shanadeen Begay – postdoc at Northeastern University and former Project SEED student, Charles Cannon – professor of Chemistry at Columbia College, Russ Kohnken – Co-Chair of HS Education Committee, Raelynn Miller – Chair of Project SEED Committee, Gitendra Paul – Department Chair of CCC, at Malcolm X College, Bernie Santarsiero – Research Professor at UIC).