Community Calendar

    There are TWO calendars:

    • One named "Chicago ACS" that lists Section events such as dinner meetings, board meetings, and events at which the Section has a sponsorship or presence, such as Chemistry Day, State Fair, and DuPage Engineers Week
    • Another named "chicagochemistry" that lists events in Chicagoland that chemists would be interested in, such as some sponsored by the Illinois Science Council, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology, major lectures and symposia at area universities, and scientific conferences.

    There are multiple ways you may view the calendars in ways that are automatically updated: via web browser, your computer's electronic calendar, your own gmail calendar, your phone, and your iPad. The necessary addresses, links, and some instructions are detailed below.

    1. WEB BROWSER - you can view the calendars by copying the following text entries and pasting them into your web browser's address line:

      "Chicago ACS"- section events:

      "chicagochemistry" - community events of interest to chemists:

    2. 2) COMPUTER'S ELECTRONIC CALENDAR - you can subscribe to the Section's
      calendars and get automatically updated to keep current by following your
      calendar's instructions and using the following address for each calendar
      (these are ICAL-format).

      "Chicago ACS"- section events:

      "chicagochemistry" - community events of interest to chemists:

      We've validated that this works for...

      • Apple's iCal program. Click the link above or paste it into a browser's address line. iCal should open and subscribe if you tell it "OK". Or navigate to to the toolbar's Calendar...Subscribe panel and paste in the text.
      • Microsoft Outlook. Navigate to the toolbar, select Tools...Account Settings panel. Click "Internet Calendars". Select "New", and paste in the text in the URL box and click "Add".
      • Yahoo's online calendar. Click "Options" at the right, and choose "subscribe to calendar"
      • Cozi online calendar.
    3. GMAIL SUBSCRIPTION - If you have a gmail account, you can subscribe to
      our google calendars to see them along with your own by pasting in the
      following text into the "add a friend's calendar" box under your "other
      calendars" heading:

      "Chicago ACS":


    4. SMARTPHONE or iPad - You can add our calendars to your phone by following
      the instructions on the Google website: &topic=13950&parent=1665163&ctx=topic

      They have instructions for a variety of smartphones, including iPhone,Android, Blackberry, Nokia S60, and others.

      iPhone & iPad: &answer=151674

      You can use either Google's Sync app or synchronize with a CalDAV protocol.

      Blackberry: &utm_medium=Blackberry&utm_campaign=answer=151674


      Windows Mobile-based phone: