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    Project SEED College Scholarship

    The Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society has established a Scholarship fund for Project SEED Students in the Chicago Section to attend college. Up to three scholarships will be awarded annually in the amounts of $10,000/$8,000/ $6,000. These will be awarded over the course of four years at any college you attend as long as you are taking a science class annually. That is to say that if you earn the $10,000 scholarship and you take a science class your first year you will get $2,500 that year and that will continue for three subsequent years. The monies will cover any educational expenses. In order to obtain the scholarship, you must have completed the Project SEED project, apply before the beginning of your second year of college, and fulfill the other requirements listed below. Should you earn the scholarship after completion of your first year of college you will only be eligible for ¾ of the award.